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5 minutes with Director Sherice Griffiths

February 10, 2020 @ 12:30 pm Posted in News Comments

I’m a director who is about to embark on my first feature documentary, writes Sherice Griffiths, and I’m looking for advice and/or collaborators via Media Parents.

Sherice Williams seeks collaborators for her feature doc on a pregnant MMA cage fighter

I’ve got a wonderful story about a female MMA fighter (Mixed Martial Arts AKA Cage Fighting) who is now 3 months pregnant and plans to continue her martial arts training throughout her pregnancy. I’m planning on following her journey to see what impact the training has on her physical and mental wellbeing and whether or not it can be sustained.

Sofie plans to gradually reduce the amount of sparring she does month to month but wants to stay active until the very last moment. She’s agreed on exclusive access to myself and a small crew, and we’re also able to film at the places she trains. I’m keen to film with her family, training partners, coaches and doctors to get their view on whether they think such an extreme sport should be continued through pregnancy.

MMA cage fighter Sofie will continue to work and be filmed whilst pregnant

I filmed a sizzle with Sofie about a year ago when we made a short video about the relationship between sports and mental health and she’s great on camera. If anyone wants to get involved or find out more drop me a message as I think it’s going to be a really exciting project, and we start filming on 23rd February 2020.

Here’s a link to the 2-minute doc we made with Sofie,

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