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Grierson Awards Open for Entries


Entries for Grierson British Documentary Awards 2024 are now open! With 15 categories to enter, the Grierson Awards (brought to you by The Grierson Trust in association with All3Media) celebrate excellence across all documentary genres.

Documentaries and factual programmes that have been available to a UK audience with the first screening between 1 June 2023 – 31 May 2024 are eligible.

Enter by 31 May 2024: - the jobs and social networking site for short term, part time, job share and regular hours jobs in media. We offer free CV advice for subscribers

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5 minutes with PD Dave Baker


I’m a Creative Producer Director, writes Dave Baker, with 14 years’ experience in factual,  (The One Show, A Place in the Sun, Watchdog). I’ve worked in factual entertainment (Strictly, Come Dine with Me, Cash in the Attic), sport (MOTD, the Paralympics – I came into TV via BBC Sport), children’s, cookery (I had a previous career as a chef), corporate and online promotional films. I’ve diversified to get work!

Dave Baker is available now

At the moment, like most of the freelance TV workforce, I’ve kind of had it with television. Whilst I don’t want to give the impression I’m hard work, or hard to work with, I feel let down by the broadcasters’ approach to this go-slow, it’s apparent that they haven’t supported the freelancers they usually can’t survive without. Where’s the reassurance? The outreach? The suggestion of any kind of plan? Is it any wonder that TV Mindset is overflowing with freelancers at this stage of the game, to the point that they are broadcasting video messages from beleaguered freelancers? (I mean something stronger than beleaguered).

I’m currently looking for work in TV or out of TV, because whilst I’m experienced, my family can’t survive on nothing. I’m a confident and effective self-shooter on FS6, and I direct crew and talent.  I live outside the M25. I have substantial edit time (Watchdog, The One Show) and the ability to write tight and engaging scripts. (See?)

Dave Baker shoots, directs, edit produces and much more

I’ve updated my CV with invaluable advice from Media Parents Director Amy Walker but despite that it’s not yet secured me work. In addition to self-shooting, directing and edit producing, I’m also an effective contributor finder and casting producer. And I have fast turn-around edit and international shoot experience. What’s a freelancer got to do to get a gig these days?

To contact Dave Baker, log into Media Parents and click here. Dave is available now. - the jobs and social networking site for short term, part time, job share and regular hours jobs in media. We offer free CV advice for subscribers

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5 minutes with Offline Editor Daren Tiley on a fast turnaround doc


When Offline Editor Daren Tiley hadn’t worked in a while, he chucked Easter under a bus and worked through it on a fast turnaround doc – in fact two in a row. So was it worth it?

Offline Editor Daren Tiley working on C5's fast turnaround doc Kate and the King

I’ve worked on two fast turnaround docs commissioned by Federico Ruiz at channel 5 in the last month for Mentorn Media part of the Tinopolis group, writes Daren Tiley. “Wonka: The Scandal that Rocked Britain” and “Kate & The King: A Special Relationship”.

Both productions worked on an unusual fast turnaround of 11 days from production start to channel delivery with TX on Saturday night primetime viewing. So 12 days to TX for a 45 min Channel5 hour.

Production starts on a Tuesday, with interviews shot on Wednesday, Thursday, Friday and some at the weekend. Staggered edits start Friday to Wednesday through the weekend at MSV post in Hammersmith, with 5 editors and EPs working for 5 days to get to picture lock by end of day Wednesday. Each editor takes on a part each with the 5th editor cutting pre titles and any extra bits and bobs. I cut part 4 on both Wonka & Kate myself.

Then voiceover, dub, grade and online all on the same day for channel delivery on the Friday lunchtime for Saturday primetime TX. Phew!

Daren Tiley right and the fast turnaround production team at Mentorn Media

A great team of experienced editors and edit producers worked between 10 & 12 hours a day to make the shows. The calm and collected nature of SP Stuart Strickson on both productions meant a pleasant working experience. Tayte Simpson Execed Wonka and Nicolai Gentchev on Kate also perpetuated the calm.  When working at such speed for delivery you need a great unflappable team behind you.

These fast turnarounds are becoming more popular with Channel 5 commissioners these days and although I don’t think it’s great to see 11-day turnarounds as the norm, it is getting us telly folk back to work on some commissions at least. And the viewers are over all liking the speed of reacting to a breaking news story! Wonka pulled in an audience of 800k, peaking at nearly a million, and was the most watched programme of the day, as was Kate & The King.

Having had no work for the last 6 months it was nice to get five days on Wonka and four  days on Kate. To be back as a team all working together was helpful for my mental health as the last year or so has been and continues to be so hard for so many of us in the TV world! The pace and last-minute nature of this work isn’t sustainable on a single, TV income, so whilst I am grateful for it, I hope it’s replaced by programming that’s scheduled further in advance.

Daren Tiley is available for offline editing work either remotely or from London post houses. - the jobs and social networking site for short term, part time, job share and regular hours jobs in media.

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