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BBC / TRC Series Producer Programme


The idea for came as a result of the BBC / TRC Media Series Producer Programme.  It’s a long story for another time, but if you’re a regional Series Producer, or would-be Series Producer, please read on, and tell your colleagues about it… If you’d like to learn more please contact Denis Mooney through the link below or on the Media Parents NETWORK, or respond to the discussion on the watercooler at


Applications are invited from experienced network television producers based in Scotland, Wales, Northern Ireland and the North of England for the 2012 Series Producer Programme (SPP), a strategic partnership between TRC media and the BBC Academy.

The SPP is a blue chip training initiative designed to hone the skills of network TV producers to the level of series producer. Over the course of 10 months, the SPP will provide a range of top flight masterclasses and specialist training in series producer skills and offer unprecedented access to commissioning editors and key decision makers within the BBC.

The programme begins on 23 May 2012 and is open to freelance, independent and BBC staff producers with a strong track record in network television. It is aimed at indigenous talent in Scotland, Wales, Northern Ireland and the North of England and those who wish to relocate to live and work in these regions.

Download details and an application form from

Closing date for receipt of applications is Thursday 15 March 2012


These guidelines for the Series Producer Programme (SPP) have been drawn up to help you decide whether this high-end talent initiative is appropriate for you.

The SPP is a strategic partnership between TRC media and the BBC Academy aimed at developing the skills of network television producers outside London to the level of series producer. It is open to talented freelance, independent or internal BBC producers with a strong track record in network television production. Applications are invited from Scotland, Wales, Northern Ireland and the North of England.

The training scheme is comprised of 10 sessions lasting one or two days per month which take place in centres around the UK. The programme will deliver a range of high-level masterclasses which will focus on honing skills across key areas including below:

Creative ideas

  • Writing programme proposals


  • Diversity
  • Multi-platform

Pitching skills

Legal, ethical and editorial

Performance management

Access to BBC decision makers


Television producers with a track record in network programming based in the Nations and the North of England (or wishing to relocate) are eligible to apply. This covers experienced producers, producer directors or new series producers.


The scheme is intended to support and grow production for the BBC in the Nations and North. Final decisions on the scheme will be taken by TRC media and the BBC. Choosing which candidates to invest in is a challenging process and the selection panels will consider a combination of related factors including:

  • An assessment of the applicant’s potential to take this step up in their programme-making careers
  • Network credits and experience
  • The mix of candidates in terms of genre and location
  • The needs of BBC production centres as a whole – in-house and indie in accordance with the Corporation’s network supply strategy – priority will be given to talent in these areas/genres.
  • The scheme aims to attract a diverse range of participants.


Submission is by application form (see foot of this document) and your submission should cover the following areas:

  • Why do you want to participate in the SPP?
  • How do you feel your experience equips you for the programme?
  • How will your participation on the scheme support your company/department/region?

In addition, for those candidates who plan to relocate to the Nations and North we will look for evidence of a commitment to live and work in the chosen area.


If in current employment we will need a statement from your line manager supporting your participation on the programme and acknowledging the time commitment involved. If you are not in current employment a previous employer or referee should give a view on your suitability for the SPP.


The Series Producer Programme is 100% funded by BBC Academy. Reasonable travel costs for attendance at the sessions will be reimbursed. Overnight accommodation is provided by the SPP.


The programme will require the successful candidates to commit to sessions lasting on average one or two consecutive days per month for the 10 months of the scheme. In applying to the scheme, producers should be aware that attendance at each of the sessions is not discretionary and consideration should be given to how the monthly sessions will be factored into working schedules.


TRC will be responsible for the design and management of the programme working in partnership with the BBC Academy.


The deadline for applications is 12 noon on Thursday 15 March 2012. Applications will be assessed by a selection panel and a shortlist will be drawn up of candidates for interview. Interviews for shortlisted candidates will be held on the following dates at the locations listed below:

  • 17 April – Salford
  • 18 April – Glasgow
  • 19 April – Belfast
  • 20 April – Cardiff

NB: Unfortunately we cannot pay travel expenses for interviews

The 2012 SPP will start on Wednesday 23rd May and the inaugural session will be held at TRC media’s Glasgow office.


We hope we have given you most of the information you need to help decide if the Series Producer Programme is right for you at this stage in your career. However Denis Mooney who leads the programme for TRC will be happy to answer any further questions you may have. Contact

TRC is an independent charity working in partnership with international and UK broadcasters, creative producers and public agencies to provide training, research and business support to the creative content industry. To find out more about our work visit


Name Address
Mobile Number Email
Occupation (i.e. Producer / Director)
Current Employer Employers Address
Nation/Region you choose to work in (Scotland, Wales, Northern Ireland, North of England)
CV and Programme Credits

Please attach a CV that includes details of your most recent network credits including programme titles, production company, date of transmission and the network as well as the credit you received.

Experience and Suitability

Please outline why you want to take part in this training programme being specific about how your experience makes this right for you. Please also outline how you believe the programme will be of benefit to you and your future employers.

Statement of Support

Please include here a short statement in support of your application from your current employer together with their contact details or – in the case of freelancers not currently working – please do the same thing but with your most recent employer.

Send together with your CV to: TRC media, 227 West George St, Glasgow, G2 2ND or email Remember the deadline for applications is: 12 noon on Thursday 15 March 2012.

Denis Mooney, who runs the SPP for TRC Media can be contacted through the NETWORK section of

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