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5 minutes with PD Dave Baker


I’m a Creative Producer Director, writes Dave Baker, with 14 years’ experience in factual,  (The One Show, A Place in the Sun, Watchdog). I’ve worked in factual entertainment (Strictly, Come Dine with Me, Cash in the Attic), sport (MOTD, the Paralympics – I came into TV via BBC Sport), children’s, cookery (I had a previous career as a chef), corporate and online promotional films. I’ve diversified to get work!

Dave Baker is available now

At the moment, like most of the freelance TV workforce, I’ve kind of had it with television. Whilst I don’t want to give the impression I’m hard work, or hard to work with, I feel let down by the broadcasters’ approach to this go-slow, it’s apparent that they haven’t supported the freelancers they usually can’t survive without. Where’s the reassurance? The outreach? The suggestion of any kind of plan? Is it any wonder that TV Mindset is overflowing with freelancers at this stage of the game, to the point that they are broadcasting video messages from beleaguered freelancers? (I mean something stronger than beleaguered).

I’m currently looking for work in TV or out of TV, because whilst I’m experienced, my family can’t survive on nothing. I’m a confident and effective self-shooter on FS6, and I direct crew and talent.  I live outside the M25. I have substantial edit time (Watchdog, The One Show) and the ability to write tight and engaging scripts. (See?)

Dave Baker shoots, directs, edit produces and much more

I’ve updated my CV with invaluable advice from Media Parents Director Amy Walker but despite that it’s not yet secured me work. In addition to self-shooting, directing and edit producing, I’m also an effective contributor finder and casting producer. And I have fast turn-around edit and international shoot experience. What’s a freelancer got to do to get a gig these days?

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5 minutes with Offline Editor Daren Tiley on a fast turnaround doc


When Offline Editor Daren Tiley hadn’t worked in a while, he chucked Easter under a bus and worked through it on a fast turnaround doc – in fact two in a row. So was it worth it?

Offline Editor Daren Tiley working on C5's fast turnaround doc Kate and the King

I’ve worked on two fast turnaround docs commissioned by Federico Ruiz at channel 5 in the last month for Mentorn Media part of the Tinopolis group, writes Daren Tiley. “Wonka: The Scandal that Rocked Britain” and “Kate & The King: A Special Relationship”.

Both productions worked on an unusual fast turnaround of 11 days from production start to channel delivery with TX on Saturday night primetime viewing. So 12 days to TX for a 45 min Channel5 hour.

Production starts on a Tuesday, with interviews shot on Wednesday, Thursday, Friday and some at the weekend. Staggered edits start Friday to Wednesday through the weekend at MSV post in Hammersmith, with 5 editors and EPs working for 5 days to get to picture lock by end of day Wednesday. Each editor takes on a part each with the 5th editor cutting pre titles and any extra bits and bobs. I cut part 4 on both Wonka & Kate myself.

Then voiceover, dub, grade and online all on the same day for channel delivery on the Friday lunchtime for Saturday primetime TX. Phew!

Daren Tiley right and the fast turnaround production team at Mentorn Media

A great team of experienced editors and edit producers worked between 10 & 12 hours a day to make the shows. The calm and collected nature of SP Stuart Strickson on both productions meant a pleasant working experience. Tayte Simpson Execed Wonka and Nicolai Gentchev on Kate also perpetuated the calm.  When working at such speed for delivery you need a great unflappable team behind you.

These fast turnarounds are becoming more popular with Channel 5 commissioners these days and although I don’t think it’s great to see 11-day turnarounds as the norm, it is getting us telly folk back to work on some commissions at least. And the viewers are over all liking the speed of reacting to a breaking news story! Wonka pulled in an audience of 800k, peaking at nearly a million, and was the most watched programme of the day, as was Kate & The King.

Having had no work for the last 6 months it was nice to get five days on Wonka and four  days on Kate. To be back as a team all working together was helpful for my mental health as the last year or so has been and continues to be so hard for so many of us in the TV world! The pace and last-minute nature of this work isn’t sustainable on a single, TV income, so whilst I am grateful for it, I hope it’s replaced by programming that’s scheduled further in advance.

Daren Tiley is available for offline editing work either remotely or from London post houses. - the jobs and social networking site for short term, part time, job share and regular hours jobs in media.

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5 minutes with development exec Chris Monk


I’ve worked in unscripted development for 15 years, writes Development Exec Chris Monk.

Chris Monk:

During that time, I’ve held senior positions at some of the UK’s most highly regarded production companies including Optomen, Hat Trick, Boundless and Expectation. My credits encompass premium documentaries (One Shot: The Football Factory, House of Maxwell), returning formats (Rich House Poor House, Grand Designs: The Streets), and specialist factual programming (Pride and Prejudice: Having a Ball, Uncle Vanya).

In recent years, I’ve established myself as a freelance development consultant, available to provide creative advice to start-ups as well as established companies, while continuing to originate and develop my own ideas with support from collaborative indies.

I’m looking for a part-time position in which I provide general consultancy services, or work on specific projects. I am equally comfortable working as a one-man band -  conducting my own research, writing and designing my own treatments using Keynote and Canva, edit-producing sizzles – as I am managing teams of researchers, APs and producers.

At present, I have capacity for two days per week, but I would also be open to one day per week, or perhaps more ad-hoc, occasional work. So, if you’re looking for someone to refresh your existing slate, provide strategic advice, write a top-notch proposal, or collaborate on ideas for a specific brief, then please get in touch. - the jobs and social networking site for short term, part time, job share and regular hours jobs in media.

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5 minutes with PC Emma Bellars

Hi All, writes PC Emma Bellars
Looking for some help? I’m currently on mat leave before returning to full time PC role in mid April. I have absolutely no money coming in until then and desperately looking for anything whilst I’m home.

Emma Bellars

I have 3 days a week I can dedicate to absolutely anything- admin/research/secretary/coordinator work. With credits on Great British Railway Journeys, Afghanistan: No Country for Women and Dispatches: Vaccine Wards, I’m proficient in Albert and sound mouse too.
I have my own laptop, just looking to help in any way possible, whilst earning a little bit of money and not going crazy in the last few weeks! Please get in touch!
Thank you,
P.S. The photo is myself and Maxwell, the little bean who’s my current sidekick!
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5 minutes with Producer Stephanie Carpanini


Hi there! writes Producer Stephanie Carpanini. I’m a first time mum and long time Producer looking for a job share. I have worked in casting (C4’s Secret Life of the Safari), location and story (A&E’s Prison Brides), studio (BBC’s MasterChef), as well as commercial and branded content projects (Southampton FC’s 23/24 kit launch).

Producer Stephanie Carpanini is looking for a job share or part time work.

I’ve been in TV for over 13 years working across fact ent, obs docs and some reality. I would like to gain edit and welfare experience, and work on varied content jobs.

If anyone at a similar level with a similar CV would want to chat about a job share then please get in touch!

I am looking to return to work in April/May either in a part time (3/4days a week) or job share capacity. Then build back up to full time, as my daughter settles into nursery. I am happy to do recces or location shoots in the UK, for short periods of time whilst my daughter is still young.

Producer Stephanie Carpanini is looking for a job share or part time work.

If anyone at a similar level with a similar CV would want to chat about a job share then please get in touch! Log in to Media Parents and click here for Steph’s contact details.

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5 minutes with PM Bella Gregory


Who Am I?

writes Production Manager Bella Gregory.

Bella Gregory, PM

Imagine Liz Lemon, with her endless supply of quirky quips and snack foods, meets Olivia Pope, with her unshakeable resolve and impeccable wardrobe (okay, maybe just the resolve part). That’s me, Bella Gregory, striding through the world of production management with my trusty notebook in one hand and a bag of cheesy blasters in the other (to my absolute horror these have actually become a thing that people consume – hot dog, rolled in a pizza, covered in so much cheese).

From managing complex international shoots to negotiating with demanding crew, talent, vendors etc. I’ve done it all with a blend of humour, strategy, Kindness, compassion and an unwavering commitment to excellence.

Why I’m the Gladiator in a Suit You Need:

International Fixer:

I’ve tackled production challenges across the globe, from the bustling streets of London and New York to the remote reaches of the Congo, all while keeping my sense of humour intact.

Budget Wizard:

Crunching numbers while I find the best deal on night cheese, I maximise every penny of a budget, ensuring the show goes on without a hitch.

Crisis Avenger:

When production snafus arise, I channel all my energy handling each crisis with a “consider it handled” attitude and a side of Lemon-esque quips.

Team Leader Extraordinaire:

Leading with a mix of compassion, humor, and a no-nonsense approach, I inspire the team to achieve the impossible, proving every day that “there’s always a way.”

What’s Next:

I’m looking for my next big challenge, a project that requires a unique blend of creative problem-solving, steadfast leadership, and the ability to laugh in the face of adversity (and occasional danger). If you’re in need of someone who can navigate the complexities of production with finesse and relatable humanity, let’s make TV magic together.

Let’s Connect:

For a brainstorming session, a crisis consultation, or just to share your favourite “30 Rock” quote, reach out. Let’s create something memorable.

Bonus Fact:

I am an actual New Yorker from NY, who holds dual UK/USA Citizenship. (I have jumped on many a red eye to LA to just deliver rushes).

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5 minutes with returning Production Manager Katie Bevell


A wave from the sidelines writes returning Production Manager Katie Bevell – I’d love to come back now please!

Returning Production Manager Katie Bevell is looking for a job share partner

I’m sure I’m a story that is echoed all over. I thoroughly enjoyed my early production career, working my way up the ladder in drama and film, a bit of documentary thrown in. It was hard work, long hours but I loved it. Then having children made me rethink and step away, but now, thanks to a refresher course from ScreenSkills, I’m looking to get back in, and find a job share partner, writes Katie Bevell.

How did I get here? After a full-on career working up from production coordinator on EastEnders, to production manager on acclaimed BBC drama Five Daughters, I hit decision making time. Being a woman of a certain age, I decided that segwaying into post production might make it easier on family life. From post supervisor in drama, to post production manager on Songs of Praise, I still got the buzz although I missed production.

We moved to the High Peak, accessing work in and around Manchester for both my props husband and me in post production. The facility post producer door closed as hours were just too inflexible with a toddler plus my second came along. It was hugely challenging – I dotted around various unconnected freelance roles with a plan to concentrate on my career again once the children started school.

And then the pandemic.

Hats off to all during that time. Working parents, those furloughed, those with no income for five months all with school children at home trying to support learning. I salute all of you. I put my career plans on hold, and did a little super flexible sidetrack info festival management.

We may or may not be out of the woods yet, but it feels like schools are stable now and, later than planned, I’m here and working out my plan to come back. I got in touch with Amy at Media Parents and magically landed an interview…

I’m very aware I’ve been out of the game a while. My organisational skills are still there but I feel rusty so I was really excited to find a ScreenSkills course, aimed at production people returning after a career break, and looking to expand their co-ordinating skills into unscripted. The paid placements designed to solidify that training seem sensible with just one catch…. they’re full time as right now that’s the norm in production coordinating. Ok… that’s impossible with my home responsibilities…

I’m working with ScreenSkills and the lovely people at Media Parents to see how someone like me could access this training and paid placements. Part time if a production company can facilitate it, but one option is a job share situation. I’ve put the word out – if anyone out there is like me and interested in this Manchester course but needs part time – please get in touch via Media Parents!!! (Applications are now closed but maybe together…)

Katie Bevell

Production, Post Production and mum of two….

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5 minutes with Offline Editor Daren Tiley


Back in September 2020 I put a post out on LinkedIn saying I was available for work and one of my old series producer friends from The One Show, Gareth Collett, got in touch with me about cutting a taster promo for a new series about Matt Baker’s family farm in Durham.

Media Parents Editor Daren Tiley edited the More4 Series from his home edit suite

After 4 days of shooting and 8 days of editing in the Daren Tiley Editing Suite we had produced an amazing 18 minute taster promo to take to the channels to sell!! Both Matt Baker and Gareth Collett were really excited by the cut and I had a hunch we had something very genuine and special which could be made into a possible series. After a couple of weeks I got the phone call from Matt saying Channel 4 really liked the 18 minute taster promo and wanted to commission a 4 part series for More4 !! Great news!! But even better news was they wanted me DT Editing to proceed with the whole post production process to channel delivery if possible!!

Editor Daren Tiley with Presenter Sunita Shroff, Media Parents Director Amy Walker and Scripted Director Peter Chipping at Media Parents YouCanFreeUs Christmas drinks at the RGS

I naturally said yes and the production started straight away in mid October. There were 3 filming blocks of 10 day shoots and after the final block was filmed in early December post production started straight away. There was over 130 hours of rushes to be digitised and transcoded for a second Avid suite at the production companies office Big Circus Media which I helped build for them via installation company Altered Images.

After 12 weeks of Offline editing at DT Editing and 12 weeks of offline editing at Big Circus Media’s production office we finally had all 4 episodes picture locked. Not an easy time as we were all in lockdown and sharing Avid sequences between the 2 locations and having many zoom editing sessions with Matt & Gareth.
I was holding about 20 TB of storage for the series as I usually work with everything at full resolution.
With the looming TX date fast approaching the grade was done and I was to start the online’s of all 4 episodes followed by the audio dub by a fiend of mine who also has his own remote dubbing suite. Once  everything was done it I exported the final master sequences for QC and channel delivery.
An epic journey and many many long hours in the DT Editing suite but at least it has kept me sane during lockdown 3 though plus this time I am getting not only my name credit but also a facilities credit too!!
All episodes are currently Tx’ing on More4 so enjoy all!! Keep watching – the figures have been great!!
I will be available from mid May onwards so give me a buzz if your looking for an editor in the coming months ahead

Watch Matt Baker Our Farm in the Dales now on More4

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5 minutes with Producer Jodie Chillery


It was February 2020, and it was Prince Harry’s final engagement. With Lewis Hamilton, HRH was set to open a motor museum before a new life awaited in America. For me it was the shoot that would be the final tick in the box for my development to get its long-awaited greenlight, writes Media Parents Producer Jodie Chillery.

Development Producer Jodie Chillery works on access to Prince Harry.

Two years I’d been working on access to secure a new series that would see me directing shoots at the Isle of Man TT, the Silverstone GrandPrix and Manchester’s Parklife Festival. The positive parley with Prince Harry’s people to allow me to cover this event was definitely going to guarantee 2020 as a career highlight…

…And then it was March 2020.

The green light turned to amber.

The amber light has since dimmed so much it’ll require more than a battery change to resurrect the pitch.

Today, I’m teacher to a 9 year old boy who, for the most part, is more intelligent than I, loves a debate and is very strong willed in working on doing his own thing in his own time.  I don’t have the relevant qualifications, patience, resilience, willpower, skill, experience or desire to be a teacher.

Despite my obvious love for all things filming and TV, I’ve grown to hate You Tube and its inane content with such ferocity that most days I come close to doing a Kirstie Allsopp and threaten to smash any screen that dares to air its jaunty little red and white logo.

If you thought two years for access was a long time, that was a doddle compared to the two and a half hours to complete one 12 X tables worksheet. I cried. He cried. The video wouldn’t play. The printer told us to f*ck off. He demanded 84 counters so he could work out how many times 12 goes into 84. I dutifully cut up and coloured 84 tiny, floaty, bits of paper only for this unintentional confetti to end up under the bed, behind the cupboard and in my underwear. Ultimately I screamed “SEVEN, it’s seven!”

This was not the career highlight I had been hoping for.

Producer Jodie Chillery at the TV day job that's definitely easier than homeschooling!

For respite, we make a regular trip to the pharmacy and paper shop for a shielding neighbour. Over the months, we’ve watched a Barn Owl nest, hunt and hope to spot its owlets fledge. We’ve watched the trilogies of Back to the Future, The Karate Kid and Short Circuit. And when school was briefly open I coached a teacher in basic camera skills and edited his footage for a Remembrance film and their Christmas performance.

Isolation, sickness, death, the darkness of winter, the 12 times table, fronted adverbials and what the Vikings at Lindisfarne ate will all, I‘m sure, make me a better producer, and a more grateful workmate.

It’ll soon be March again. March the 8th precisely (International Women’s Day!), I’m led to believe is when I’ll be available for work. Give me posturing princes, apprehensive police officers and sensitive scripts any day, I’m more than ready to take them on!

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5 minutes with Jonathan Richardson User Researcher


I drifted into user research from my media work, writes Media Parents’ Jonathan Richardson. Back in the day of BBC iPlayer’s launch I gathered feedback and worked with the development team to prioritise improvements and test new ideas.

Since then I’ve been working on a range of websites and services to uncover audience insights. While I’ve mainly worked in government and academia, I’m looking to pivot back to focus on media organisations. There’s a clear opportunity for organisations to get into user research to understand their audiences.

User research is a mix of roles: combine journalism with anthropology, academic research and a lot of project management. And it makes for a highly interesting job.

I ensure that organisations understand their audiences by creating research to understand user motivation and behaviour. Once we have a good working knowledge I then lead teams to create new designs to determine if these improve the user experience.

This can be making a website be clearer and flow better. For example, so students find the right course for them. Or I map out journeys and processes to understand where the pain points and opportunities are.

My work has mainly been remote based, even before lockdown. I can spend most of my day interviewing people then documenting and analysing it. Interviews can be like therapy to some as I listen to them vent or talk their troubles out. My journalism background definitely helps with interviewing.

User Researcher Jonathan Richardson

I also combine my freelance work with my own start-up plans for a remote writers’ room using Agile project management methods. I’ve been running this for the past year and we recently completed our goal of having a proof-of-concept that shows the process works.

I’m fortunate in that my wife was taking 2020 as maternity leave for our daughter so we haven’t had fights over who got to use the home office. Our son started school in September and we’re thankful that he’s enjoying it and is back with friends.

The amount of work has reduced slightly since Covid but there’s still plenty of demand. I use any free time to work on my own projects and train others in user research.

So if you’re looking to find out more about working in Agile and user research, or want to let me know about problems in your organisation, do get in touch. Likewise connect if you want to find out more about the remote writers room.

Get in touch here or via Media Parents

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