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Remembering Pos David Postlethwaite, Head of Production


Today David Postlethwaite (Pos), Head of Production, is remembered by friends and family with a service in Bristol, where he lived and worked. If you would like to watch the service online at 1pm on June 9th 2022, details are below. Pos supported Media Parents from its inception, was instrumental in returning hundreds of parents to TV, and in supporting many people’s families and dreams. He was a joy to work with, a kind and fair man, who could make you cry with laughter. He will be greatly missed.

Pos rose up through the ranks at the BBC, progressing rapidly from Unit Manager to Production Executive managing programmes including Country File, Ray Mears, 999, and, ironically considering the state of his second best Saab, Top Gear.

He moved from the BBC to work as Head of Production at award winning Natural History indie Icon Films, then to Touch Productions in Bath where he was Head of Production and responsible for finance, hiring staff and the smooth running of productions, often in the USA. In his own words, Pos ensured his teams functioned safely, effectively and happily in the office and on location. He was loved and respected by his teams for being a fair, hardworking, kind boss with a sense of humour that could get you through the longest of days.

Ultimately as well as a leader, he was a team player, a people person without compare – you always knew where you were with him, he was fiercely loyal and inspired fierce loyalty. If he wasn’t impressed by something he would let you know, and he was a master of pithy character description. (Still making me laugh now). Thank you Pos, for everything.

David is survived by his wife Pam Haddock and his children Shirran and Nick. The family would prefer that, rather than organising flowers for the funeral, you make a donation to a charity close to your heart.

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