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5 minutes with… Jim Shreim, PD


Jim Shreim, Hannah Eastwood, Jamie Matson and Amy Walker are in the TALENT section of Matt Holden and Amy Walker are in the NETWORK section of

Media Parents talent worked flexibly in production across this new series for Michelle Chappell at Channel Five, made by Mentorn Media.  In order to make the overseas budget go further, Jim Shreim, PD, and Hannah Eastwood, DV Director, shot material for all four shows in the series on a single trip to the U.S.A.  We had extensive discussions with all directors on shooting style, and created a shooting style bible, in advance of shoots in order to keep consistency.  [If you want to indicate that you have worked with anyone else on the site, or could jobshare with other people on please use the collaborator button on your profile.  It's near the one that says "I've had work through Media Parents".  If you don't know anyone on Media Parents to collaborate with then please come to our events to meet people.  They are good.]

The World’s Greatest Daredevils episode, which TXes on Channel Five TONIGHT, Thursday 26th January 2012 at 8pm, contains some of the most spectacular footage I have ever seen, so if you’re at home with the children tonight, please watch.

The series was immediately recommissioned on transmission of the first episode, so as the final ep is being delivered to Five, the show has gone back into production again.  What this has made me realise is that if you get a job through Media Parents, it may well not be a single gig, but repeatable business.  Freelancers have been telling me since Media Parents started that companies who found them through us have re-employed them, and, recently, another Series Producer working independently at Mentorn told me that she was on her second job at the company through Media Parents, which is great to hear.

Media Parents has a wealth of experienced top-end talent.  We also have great APs and researchers, but not many, so many of our advertised jobs at this level go unfilled.  If you know good researchers, APs, co-ordinators and production secretaries who have 3 years’ or more TV experience, please tell them about

See for great networking, talent, jobs and information. To contact anyone on the Media Parents blog please go to the NETWORK part of the Media Parents site. To join us please go to

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Five Minutes with… Zoe Fryer, PD


Zoe Fryer was one of four Media Parents PDs (and other team members) who worked on Mentorn Media’s World’s Greatest… for Five.  Zoe’s show, World’s Greatest Heroes, TXes tonight at 8pm on Channel Five.  Zoe shot the image featured below.

Zoe Fryer, PD, is in the TALENT section of

Zoe, who is a mum to Amber, 2, worked flexibly on this series initially as she was finishing another contract.  She also negotiated slipping her hours so that she could work her prep around childcare, and whilst a new series is never going to be particularly flexible, Zoe retained a degree of flexibility until the edit.

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Media Parents Event : How to Market Yourself with Reuben Milne


Huge thanks to Reuben Milne from Spark Creativity for running this informative and enjoyable session and to ENVY post production facility for hosting in their bar. Photos below, tips to follow shortly!

Reuben Milne of Spark Creativity addresses Media Parents in the session How to Market Yourself

See for great networking, talent, jobs and information. To contact anyone on the Media Parents blog please go the the NETWORK part of the Media Parents site. To join us please go to

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5 minutes with… a media parents team


New Series : Channel 5 8pm TONIGHT Thursday 12th January 2012

I used to crew up for the 4 new Channel 5 docs I’ve just series produced for Mentorn.  We had 3 months from crewing to delivery to make 4 very diverse programmes, shot all over the world.  I needed really good people – fast, and using Media Parents was the fastest, most painless crewing experience I’ve had.  I had to look at no more than 10 applicants per position and all of them were more than qualified for the job.  Because we only had the resources to send one out of the 4 PDs to the States to shoot for us over there, I knew I had to work with PDs who could shoot for each other and would be happy to do that.  In the event, in order to deliver all of the programmes on time, each of the 4 PDs shot items for each others’ programmes.  You can see the results tonight, and every Thursday for the next 4 weeks, at 8pm on Channel 5.  Here’s who was involved from Media Parents…

to be continued…

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