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5 more minutes with Helen Landeau on coordinating & being mentored


So it’s been just over 6 months since I came back into telly and wow has it been busy! writes Helen Landeau.

Helen Landeau (right) with her mentor Katie Brewer-Frankl, Little Gem's Production Executive.

It was a bit unnerving at first as my last credit was 8 years ago and no-one wanted to know, but after reading Harriet Wallace’s Media Parents article I was determined, and more importantly, I remained positive that I would get work.

Then Teri Samson from Dot to Dot Productions gave me the opportunity to do the paperwork for Series 1 of ‘Art Ninja’ (CBBC).  It felt like I hadn’t been away and fell straight back into it but was a bit under pressure as I wanted to do a good job.  I must’ve done because they asked me to do their paperwork again!

I attended an event in November at the BBC whereby they offered CV clinics with Talent Managers.  Amy Walker was there championing Media Parents so I subsequently applied for the Media Parents Back to Work Scheme too – and got a place!  I met Elsa Sharpe (Talent Manager, BBC Documentaries) and she suggested that I spoke with her colleague, Louise Heaton (Talent Co-ordinator, Factual Department) who oversees Production Co-ordinators.  Before I knew it, I was having an interview with her.  Somehow, she already had my CV and was going to call me!

Production Coordinator Helen Landeau talks to the BBC's Charlotte Lamb at Media Parents Back to Work drinks.

A week later, I had an interview with Gezz Mounter, Production Manager for ‘Britain’s Forgotten Slave Owners’ and hey presto – started in December. I was due to finish in February but kept getting extended and finally left in March. I had a great time on this.

Following on from then, I was headhunted by Studio Lambert and unfortunately didn’t get the job but was encouraged to keep in touch and have had several indie interests. I was looking for work afterwards and didn’t think to turn to Media Parents for help.  An error I’ll never do again. Through the Media Parents Back to Work Scheme Amy was fantastic in contacting various companies who offered me work but by that time, BBC Lifeline turned up (part-time role) and I’d signed on the dotted line.

I’ve been with Lifeline since March and in that time have learnt a lot!  The team are also responsible for producing the DEC Appeals and I’ve never worked so hard in turning around an appeal for Nepal in 48hrs but I thoroughly enjoyed it.  A new skill for me now is delivering on file.


Amy has worked really hard in finding a suitable mentor for me on the Media Parents Back to Work Scheme and she hit jackpot!

Katie Brewer-Frankl is a Production Executive who is very experienced. She was with Fresh One Productions for a long time and is now working for Little Gem – a start-up production company with Ben Gale.

Our first meeting was really enjoyable – Katie’s very supportive and encouraging.  She even gave me the confidence to market myself as a Senior Production Co-ordinator which I’ve taken on board. I told Katie I wanted to experience PMI and SilverMouse and she’s organised training for me on these too.

With thanks to Katie Brewer-Frankl, part time Production Exec at Little Gem, for Mentoring on the Media Parents Back to Work Scheme.

I met with Katie again this month (May).  Again, another productive meeting where we discussed my skillset, CV and how I should also market myself as a Junior Production Manager – after all, I’m the doing the role already but I just wasn’t aware of it!  I’m getting the confidence to push the boundaries further and market myself in higher roles.  I think I could do it but just needed that push to get out of my comfort zone.

I wasn’t sure what to expect in coming back to TV after such a long time but it’s the best thing I could’ve done.  Let’s see what the next 6 months bring…

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Media Parents Back to Work Scheme closes TODAY


Media Parents is partnering with Broadcast to offer up to 6 parents an introduction to the Media Parents Back to Work Scheme. Each person will receive a day ticket to Broadcast’s Creative week – worth £340 – plus coaching in networking, a day of networking par excellence chaperoned by Media Parents Amy Walker, and a personal CV surgery. You must be available to take up a place on either 2nd or 3rd June. Please email for an application form and further details which include training cost – completed applications must be received by 8pm Wednesday 27th May. Here follows more info on Creative Week:

Media Parents Amy Walker, with Back to Work Scheme mums at BVE. One of the mums got a job offer through networking that day!

Creative Week is a unique event connecting the worlds of television, film and advertising.

The Media Summit, Creative Summit and Global TV Summit will gather leaders and creative from across the media industries for a week of cutting-edge content, leading speakers and fantastic networking.

The packed programme includes thought-leadership sessions from industry leaders, expert analysis of consumer and market behaviour, and insights into the creative trends and digital innovations shaping the future of the sector.

With numerous networking opportunities across the event, Creative Week offers an unrivalled opportunity to exchange ideas and make new connections across the media world. Creative Week is held at BAFTA, London, 1-3 June 2015.

Join us for FREE CV advice at the BECTU Freelancers Fair on May 29th Please join for great jobs, networking and events.

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5 more minutes with part time producer Sarah-Lee Jones


Having received some really positive feedback on my blog which was featured on Media Parents in March, I decided to write another about how social media can work flexibly, writes part time Producer Sarah-Lee Jones.

Part time Producer Sarah-Lee Jones's reason for working flexibly.

I was contacted numerously by previous colleagues who have found themselves in a similar situation to mine, trying to get back into employment in the TV industry whilst also raising a family. I felt the first blog had a number of positives for people who are in a potentially negative place, trying to get back into the television industry after deciding to start a family. I mentioned looking for employment at smaller independent companies, rather than going through the embarrassment at the interview stage of having to explain they could only work office hours due to childcare issues.

I currently work for an indie film production company called Future Artists. For the past few months I have been co-producing a sci-fi web series called Portal which was released on 31st March. This is the reality of social media at its best, proving that working flexible hours really pays off for both the employee and the employer!

Tuesday 31st March – The launch of Portal.

In the space of 24 hours Portal went viral with over 70,000 views. It was all hands on deck at the office. We, meaning a small team of 3, have had to learn the fastest and most efficient available methods of DIY film distribution.

Wednesday 1st April

Constant e-mails, Skype chat, interviews, filming behind the scenes, social media has gone mad. What I love most is the power and instant availability of social media. Having a 19 month old daughter who doesn’t sleep through the night (and never has), being constantly woken up at stupid o’clock where at times I’ve found it impossible to get back to sleep, I’ve been able to jump onto Twitter, correspond through emails and update our Portal Facebook fans on the view count on the DailyMotion website (which has become addictive). 90,000 views to date!

Sarah Lee Jones at work with Future Artists on their feature Portal.

Thursday 2nd April

The views keep on rising, the press are heavily involved and we have got so many interviews booked in, I’ve had to get the trusted white board out just to keep up.

Future Artists are fully aware of my circumstances so if I’ve been working on social media throughout the night I am able to come into the office later on in the day or, where possible, work from home.

Skype is amazing, I can chat to the office and have regular updates throughout the day.  Work doesn’t have to be at a desk, social media can be sorted out from anywhere in the world, mostly in this case, my living room!

Friday 3rd April

100,134 views in less than a week. Not bad for a team of 3 people working a 4 day week (Future Artists don’t work on Mondays).

How many other companies out there work in this way? Can this flexible hours approach work for larger companies in the industry? Will this method of working help parents back into the TV industry? These are often parents who are highly trained and skilled, who desperately want to get back into work? I really hope employers latch on to this approach, so giving us media parents the break that we need!

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