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Channel 4 legal How not to get Sued


SOLD OUT: Join us for a spot of networking and to hear Channel 4’s Rowena Cordrey and Fiona McAllister deliver their hour long ‘Ultimate Legal & Compliance Masterclass’ for Media Parents on Tuesday 21st July. 4′s legal team will be helping you to navigate the tricky world of legal and compliance and giving you their dos and don’ts for staying on the right side of the law.

Join Media Parents for Channel 4's How Not to Get Sued session, see link below for zoom details

Rowena Cordrey

Ro is a Senior Lawyer in Channel 4’s Legal & Compliance team, which is renowned for its enabling advice as part of the Channel’s unique risk-taking remit.  She provides legal, compliance and ethical advice on all aspects of television programming – broadcast and online – before and after broadcast, including its promotion and marketing.

Ro trained and then qualified as a media law solicitor at Farrer & Co in 2009, principally advising tabloid newspaper clients as well as magazines and regional publishers.  She worked for the BBC in their Litigation team before first joining Channel 4 for just over 4 years.  Ro was Deputy Head of Compliance at ITN (which produces the news for Channel 4, ITV and Channel 5) working across news and on a number of high-profile undercover investigations, including the award-winning Cambridge Analytica (C4 News) and ‘Gay Conversion’ Therapy (ITV News) investigations.  Ro then worked at Viacom before returning to Channel 4 this year.

Fiona McAllister

Fiona is an experienced media lawyer currently advising production companies and Channel 4 both pre and post-publication on legal, regulatory compliance and ethical issues which arise in the making and broadcast of programmes, online content and marketing campaigns on all Channel 4 platforms. Fiona focuses on all content-related matters, including defamation, privacy, contempt and fairness issues.

Prior to joining Channel 4 she spent around 12 years in private practice – based at leading media firm, Simkins LLP, generally advising Claimants (individual and companies) on media related issues and acting against the media. Prior to that Fiona was with a Scottish firm, Burness Paull LLP where she advised BBC Scotland and regularly provided programme legal advice on all aspects of media law affecting BBC output. She is dual qualified and admitted to practise in England & Wales as well as Scotland.

Amy Walker

Amy will be hosting the Channel 4 session on behalf of Media Parenst. She champions diverse creative talent, and set up Media Parents ten years ago to facilitate that. She is a factual TV Series Producer and Talent Exec and has just completed a 2-year EMBA sponsored by Channel 4. Her most recent series for Channel 4 was BAFTA-nominated. She lives in Hastings.

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5 minutes with Justine Sullivan, Celebrity Producer on Home schooling


About me, writes Celebrity Producer Justine Sullivan:

Female in my late 40s

Live in West London

Mother of two boys aged 8 & 11

Kids’ father has Asperger Syndrome, so lockdown has been tough (although social distancing and isolation are two of his favourite things!)

Pretty much single parent the children

Work in TV as a Celebrity Producer/Celebrity Consultant – no work at all since lockdown. Furlough not much help as we are both directors of Ltd company so we are on the absolute minimum pay!

So, back to home school then after the weekend.

For the millions of kids not yet physically back at school and for those not fortunate enough to be at a school providing on-line teaching, this is probably how home schooling is going for them. Well this is how it is in our home.

7:30am Get up. Come downstairs and empty the dishwasher and set the table for breakfast. 

Call the kids to come down and have breakfast. Call them again and again and again and again. Resign myself to eat breakfast alone whilst continuously phoning the kids, repeating the words ‘Can you come down? What are you looking at? Why do you think you can just go on my phone and watch Youtube?’
Finish breakfast and yell upstairs again ‘If you don’t come down for breakfast, you won’t be able to game later (too late as they’ve already done so on the phones)’

Kids finally come downstairs and have breakfast. Bailey wants yet another pyjama day and Ruben wants to read. Fair enough on the reading front, but it would be easier for everyone if he just stuck to the schedule and maybe, just maybe we could all read at the same time thus encouraging Bailey to read more??
11am: Bailey still rolling on the sofa and Ruben has disappeared upstairs to get dressed.
11:45: Bailey finally picks up his laptop and logs onto the school files. Says he can’t see any new work, despite an email from school saying new files are there.  Nothing apart from a message from his teacher saying she’s been catching up on boxsets.  Bailey loses interest.
11:45 Bailey logs onto BBC Bitesize.
11:50: Bailey says he’s finished his first lesson and now it’s break time and he wants a snack as apparently, he’s hungry. Not sure that’s actually possible as he only had breakfast an hour ago.
Midday: Ruben logs onto his computer. Reads a headline on Youtube that LazarBeam has died of Coronavirus. Bailey jumps up from the sofa and goes over to Ruben saying ‘Oh let’s watch that!’ I say ‘I don’t care about bloody Coronabeam’ and could he just log onto to his school files!! (NB LazarBeam is safe and well)

Ruben logs onto his files and says he can’t write on any of the worksheets and wants to print off yet another 30 page document.

Logs off school files and logs onto BBC Bitesize.
15 minutes later says he’s done English, History and Maths and has learnt so much more from BBCBbitesize than the rubbish files school send over that don’t work.

I stupidly take a phone call for 20minutes and take my eye off the children. Both have now logged onto YouTube. Bailey tells me he’s doing Science – I’m not sure ‘How to make a party watermelon’ or ‘How to throw an egg in a bag of popcorn off a bridge’ constitutes a science lesson. Anyway, lunchtime.

As an accomplished Celebrity Producer / Consultant I’d appreciate a call to take me away from all this. My credits include six years on Top Gear, BAFTAs, GQ Men of the Year and several comedy shows. My greatest TV moment has to be spending a whole day with Tom Cruise on the Top Gear track, followed by a hand written Thank You note from him. Yes. It’s been framed!

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