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I am a 3D Designer working in Production Design, set design, live events arena, writes Lynne Boon. I am based in Hastings but work globally as you will see. Recently I worked as Production Designer for a live broadcast for Minecraft, Minecon Earth.

Lynne Boon's Minecon set for Minecraft

Minecraft is one of the biggest brands around at the moment and it’s amazing success of the brand is really down to the Minecraft community and creators who continue to build Minecraft worlds on line. They share the excitement and drive of being part of this wonderful community.

Minecon Earth is a live event, broadcast globally. Minecon Earth was a new venture away from the standard live event held at an arena to move to a global internet audience. It took place in Atlanta, in front of a live audience of 300 people and broadcast to millions across the globe.

I was the Production Designer on the event and the whole show was created around the live chat show feel. Set designs moved on and off stage to transition from scene to scene. Sets included NY apartment, US chat show set, Minecraft Grass Biome scene and Minecraft Desert Scene with big song and dance number at the end.

I worked very closely with the Producer/ Creative Director of the project, to take their vision and ideas and bring them to life and make them real.

I produced 3D visuals, showing the sequence of sets and how they changed from scene to scene, storyboards, presentations to the whole team to explain the show flow and how the space worked.

Once the concept was signed off and agreed, then I moved onto technical drawing, CAD plans, sections, detail drawings, drawing it up so the contractor could build and install it all. This covered rigging, building of sets, lighting, materials, props hire, everything that is required to build sets, then I joined the production team on site to install and see the show go out live.

I worked with a great team to make this event happen, marketing departments, stage directors, script writers, lighting designers, rigging team, sound designers, AV kit supplier, media designers, logistics, production managers, show callers, live broadcast producers.

The show ran for 90mins and was inserted with video clips, to update the Minecraft community of all the new and exciting things that are coming this next year, including, live updates, Preshow event, Community high lights, competitions, live mob vote, new server updates, cos play contest, Minecraft games updates were announced and whole show was hosted by Will Arnet and Lydia Winters brand director of Mojang with a series of guests.

If you need help and support on any of your projects, bringing ideas to life, visualising your concepts so you can pitch your idea to others, help with set designs, or the more technical aspects of CAD drawing, taking to contractors, build implementation, just give me a call it would be great to sit over a frothy coffee and have a chat about how I can help you.

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