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media parents back to work drinks… who’s coming?

October 1, 2014 @ 12:33 am Posted in News Comments

We’re delighted to announce a stellar line-up of companies and freelancers in attendance at the Media Parents Back to Work Drinks on October 1st. Media Parents GEITF Back to Work Scheme Winners from 2014 and 2013 will be attending. We’re sorry the guestlist has now closed, but we will be launching a new Back to Work Scheme, in conjunction with Skillset and the Televisual Factual Festival, so please do apply when the details are made public. Meanwhile here are company attendees at the drinks :

Helen Hawken - Director of Programming, Factual, DNI
Caroline Ross – Director of Human Resources, Shine Group
Priscilla Baffour – Industry Talent Specialist, Channel 4
Susie Worster – Head of Talent, Wall to Wall
Rachel Ayres – Talent Coordinator, Shed Media Group
Paul Birmingham – Production Manager, Brook Lapping
Andra Heritage – Head of Channel 5 in-house Production
Miranda Wayland – ITV Diversity & Inclusion Manager
Charlotte Lamb – Talent Coordinator, BBC Comedy
Amy Walker – Head of Talent, The Garden Productions / Media Parents
Kerry Jones – Media Parents
Caroline Bingham – Business Development, Promotion Hire
& the Promotion Hire team

Freelancers attending :

Jo Molloy PD
Stacey Burns Wyn Davies Sports Producer
Harriet Wallace Producer (2013 winner)
Sidra Khan PD / Edit Producer

(2013 winner)

Becky Jones Development Exec / SP
Heather Day PD
Helen Landeau Production coordinator
George Bland PD / Editor
Anita Lowenstein Dent
Einav Leshetz Editor
Kumari Salgado Script Editor

(2014 winner)

Elena Rottigni Researcher
Jamie Farnell Warren composer
Kate Boddington AP
Anna Coane Producer / Edit Producer

(2014 winner)

Radica Anikpe AP / Producer

(2014 winner) PD
Ana Garcia Shooting PD / AP
Amanda Rubin PD / social media
Rachel Tierney (2014 winner) PD
Hazel Palmer Camera Operator
Matt Holden Exec Producer
Zoe Fryer PD
Hina Zaidi AP
Claudia Lee PD / Editor
Gina Mahoney Edit Producer/Producer
Elanor Lee PM
Lucy Dwyer PD/Edit producer
Julie Clive Producer

Becky Sharpe


PD/DV Director

Mignon Van Weeran Producer
31 Liz PC
Vito Rocco Director
Jane Devoy Writer, drama
Rebecca Wolff Producer
Danielle Carpanen Edit Producer
Sarah Brewerton Editor, drama
Fiona Wailes Producer

by Amy Walker

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