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5 minutes with… Lisa Palmer, Presenter

August 24, 2012 @ 5:39 pm Posted in News Comments

How do you get a TV Career? Do you need Family or Friends on the inside? or should I have been born an Aristocrat?? asks Lisa Palmer, budding TV Presenter.

A few years ago I lost my job as a “fuel finance controller” for an airline, although at the time I found this financially difficult, it gave me the time to pursue the career I had always dreamed of as a child; becoming a household name on national television.

When I was younger, I never really had the opportunity to pursue my dreams. My Parents used to buy, renovate and sell properties, so we were often moving. Nowadays I’m passionate about property, I really enjoy watching property shows such as Property Auction and 60 Minute Makeover and feel I have the right personality to interview people for these types of shows. I have a great understanding of property, I am hands on with DIY and have modernised many properties and I love helping my friends with decor and ideas for their properties. But moving so much growing up was a big distraction and time just passes you by. I suffer with dyslexia and was not taught grammar at school, which really lets me down sometimes. I have had a lesson with a friend who works as a teacher but it can still be a battle. Still, not to worry though because I could charm them all with my glowing personality!

I am one of those people who do not want any regrets in my life, I want to look back on life and feel I did everything I wanted! Believe me the bucket list is long (jumping out a plane etc…

So, with support from my parents I went and filmed a showreel with my redundancy behind me, to be honest I was very green and lacked confidence. I started applying for jobs in TV but to be honest if you have no experience, you are a nobody and how on earth do you get anywhere??? I thought I would apply for internet presenting jobs, ok I had to pay my own expenses and it was not easy, but, it did help as I started to build my confidence and knowledge of how it all comes together.

Lisa presenting.

Once I got more footage, I began to apply for TV jobs and started to get my foot in the door. I got picked for ITV This Morning’s Garden Party where we filmed over 4 days and I had one of the best times ever! It was so much fun and the crew were a great laugh and guess what? I WON and got to meet Her Majesty! (Well a great look a like!!)

After appearing on ITV it definitely helped, as I got to appear on other shows. I got to appear on The Vanessa Show where I would sit on the sofa and give my honest opinion on various topics. I was in my element! It was a great studio environment as I could talk and well, I love to be centre of attention!!! I became a regular and this definitely helped as I have done lots of TV bits and pilots since.

However, I still felt I needed more confidence talking to the camera or chatting to celebs, I started to feel self-conscious of my appearance, which was hindering my performance. After I had my little boy over 9 years ago I never really lost my baby weight and if you’re like me, you will still have got those bloomin clothes you can’t bear to chuck out, at least they have come back in to fashion!

Lisa Palmer with her son Brad.

I was lucky to see an advert for Fabulous Magazine – “want to lose weight” hell yeah!! Believe me you must follow this diet; I lost all my baby weight and more in 6 weeks, although it did help having a rather fit personal instructor! Having to bare all is a memory I don’t want to relive – awful!!! I hope you don’t see the magazine as the ‘before’ picture is damn right awful he he!!

I now have my body back the way I wanted it and my confidence is sky high. I now feel I’m ready to live my dream of being a down to earth, opinionated and fun loving mum, who loves to talk. So watch out you lovely loose women, budge up and make room for me!!!

You can see Lisa's presenting credit list here: and at

by Amy Walker


  1. Thank you for reading my blogg!
    If you want to know how to lose over a stone, I will give you the food plan, the great thing is your always eating.

    Lisa x

  2. Lisa on August 25th, 2012 at 6:51 am

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