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5 minutes with… makalla mcpherson, director

May 23, 2012 @ 1:52 pm Posted in News Comments

I am a young female director, who has been freelancing for about two years now working mainly on music videos. I have directed videos for Wretch 32, Kay Young, Mumzy Stranger, DJ Riskgo, Lisa Maffia to name but a few, plus I’ve dabbled in commercials and most recently have taken the plunge into drama which is where my passion for directing lies.

Promos Director Makalla McPherson and Wretch 32. Makalla is in the TALENT section of

I have recently made two short films: Tight Rope a short film about domestic violence, and recently wrapped Tiny Steps, which looks at  how a young couple deal with the loss of a baby. I am keen to transfer my skills from short films and promos and get into TV drama or factual directing but am finding it quite difficult.
I know TV is a different route from what I have been doing in promos and wonder if there is anyone out there who could give me some professional advice or some on set experience by shadowing, as maybe an AP, to get more experience in the broadcast platform.

You can check out my work at and contact me through my profile on  here :

I know this is a long shot but if you don’t ask you don’t know.

Makalla McPherson on set directing a promo. She is looking for opportunities to cross over into factual and drama and can be contacted through the TALENT section of


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by Amy Walker

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