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January 12, 2012 @ 8:28 am Posted in News Comments

New Series : Channel 5 8pm TONIGHT Thursday 12th January 2012

I used to crew up for the 4 new Channel 5 docs I’ve just series produced for Mentorn.  We had 3 months from crewing to delivery to make 4 very diverse programmes, shot all over the world.  I needed really good people – fast, and using Media Parents was the fastest, most painless crewing experience I’ve had.  I had to look at no more than 10 applicants per position and all of them were more than qualified for the job.  Because we only had the resources to send one out of the 4 PDs to the States to shoot for us over there, I knew I had to work with PDs who could shoot for each other and would be happy to do that.  In the event, in order to deliver all of the programmes on time, each of the 4 PDs shot items for each others’ programmes.  You can see the results tonight, and every Thursday for the next 4 weeks, at 8pm on Channel 5.  Here’s who was involved from Media Parents…

to be continued…

by Amy Walker

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