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Five Minutes with… Zoe Fryer, PD

January 19, 2012 @ 10:11 am Posted in News Comments

Zoe Fryer was one of four Media Parents PDs (and other team members) who worked on Mentorn Media’s World’s Greatest… for Five.  Zoe’s show, World’s Greatest Heroes, TXes tonight at 8pm on Channel Five.  Zoe shot the image featured below.

Zoe Fryer, PD, is in the TALENT section of

Zoe, who is a mum to Amber, 2, worked flexibly on this series initially as she was finishing another contract.  She also negotiated slipping her hours so that she could work her prep around childcare, and whilst a new series is never going to be particularly flexible, Zoe retained a degree of flexibility until the edit.

by Amy Walker

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