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5 minutes with Che Charles… Edit Producer, PD, location director

December 27, 2011 @ 10:46 pm Posted in News Comments

Che Charles (right) networking at the Media Parents Christmas Party 2011.

I started my career as runner on BBC2′s iconic 90s drama This Life. After that I went north to work on Granada TV in particular Manchester United TV and Men and Motors on these channels you were expected to shoot, script and go into the edit at researcher level it was a fantastic experience and I was definietly thrown in at the deep end.

I then got the opportunity to AP so I went back to London and worked on a whole raft of programmes from Car Booty, Property Ladder, Family Bratcamp, Wedding Stories, Jimmy and The Farmer and, The Ultimate Popstar to name a few.

Che Charles, PD networking at a Media Parents evening with Toby Ward, Head of Production for Comedy & Entertainment at Tiger Aspect.

In my spare time I started up an online music TV show “Musio MusicTV” with my sister. It was a weekly show that contained interviews, performances and chat. We interviewed everybody from Mark Ronson, Florence and The Machine etc it ran for 4 years.  In 2010 we gained commissions with Soho House, Babelgum and Universal Records.  I was able to juggle my love of music with my online music show, as well as work at ITV as a producer/director.

I then moved to the BBC to work as a director on Crimewatch Roadshow which was great and very exciting. Whilst out shooting with the police my only protection was my camera and a big burly copper.

I now have a baby who is 16 months old called Joseph and just when I thought I would never get back in after my year and half out I was given a lifeline by my faithful old employers ITV.

Che Charles braves the weather at the Media Parents summer BBQ.

My first baptism of fire was edit producing on new ITV1 Simon Cowell Brainchild Red or Black.  It was great to get back at first, but it was very upsetting leaving Joseph with the childminder and watching him cry. But as he got more used to his surroundings so did I.

After that I moved on to a cookery show for ITV1, edit producing. Tight schedules and long hours were the order of the day but it was definitely worthwhile and a good viewing with the exec made it rewarding.

I finished just before Christmas and the usual fear of “will I ever work again?” looms heavy in the mind. It’s back to sending lots of CVs to jobs@…. and as it stands, I don’t even get a response for the chance of an interview. It seems my CV is dismissed at the first hurdle.

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Nowadays you can send loads of CVs out a day but still not hear a word, when I started in TV many years ago, before email you would send letters out and would be grateful for responses back via letter. Now with email people just can’t be bothered unless they know you.

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The media is like the lottery you have to be in it to win it.

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by Amy Walker

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