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media parents CV tear-up in Brighton

November 17, 2011 @ 12:04 am Posted in News Comments

Thanks to all those who came along to this evening’s CV tear-up at Madame Geisha’s in Brighton, what a lovely group of people swapping some great advice.  Here’s some of it…

Media Parents Director Amy Walker talks to Corinna Gallop. Corinna is a Producer in the TALENT section of

CV TIP #1: Make sure your CV is on two clearly laid out pages, with the most impressive jobs on page 1.  Select your best jobs / credits and prune vigorously if necessary.

CV TIP #2: If there are gaps in your employment DON’T take the dates off your CV, demonstrate the skills you’ve learnt in your breaks.

Carl Simons, MWTV MD talks to Sue Hutton. For more CV advice please use the search function at the top right hand corner of this page.

Carl Simons’ CV TIP #3 : DON’T let your CV be a dull read – if it’s too dense and too detailed it’s a bore!

Carl Simons’ CV TIP #4 : You should research and tailor your CV for each job, not be too generic.

Carl Simons’ CV TIP #5 : Keep the dates on your CV, in reverse date order – without dates you just see a load of paragraphs.

Juliet Tzabar, MD Plug-In Media, talks to Corinna Gallop at the Media Parents CV event.

Juliet Tzabar’s CV TIP #6 : Men say what they can do, women dwell on what they can’t!  Have the confidence to sell your skills and experience!

Journalist Flemmich Webb talks to Plug-In Media MD Juliet Tzabar at the CV event in Brighton.

Juliet Tzabar’s CV TIP #7 : Production CVs can be a list, so write a short mission statement.

Juliet Tzabar’s CV TIP #8 : Read the job description!  We’ve just advertised a job (soon to be on Media Parents) and nobody read the job spec or responded to it!

Susan Tunstall from BTV Post talks to freelancers at the Media Parents CV Tear-Up in Brighton.

Susan Tunstall’s CV TIP #9 : If you want to change roles your mission statement is really important.  Make sure your mission statement is clear about where your experience lies or what your ideal job is.  Use it to define your skillset.

Susan Tunstall from BTV Post and Carl Simons from MWTV network at the Media Parents CV Tear-Up in Brighton.

Susan Tunstall CV TIP #10 : If you’re new to TV, don’t claim you have more experience than you do.

Thanks to everyone who came along to the Brighton event, let us know your feedback or questions for the next tear-up via

MWTV's Carl Simons

Plug-In Media MD Juliet Tzabar.

Freelancer Sue Hutton.

by Amy Walker

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