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Media Parents CV Event LONDON gallery and tips

November 24, 2011 @ 1:04 pm Posted in Events, News Comments

Nina Bhagwat and Glynn Ryland from Channel 4.Photos from Monday's CV Event in London, tips will be added soon! Thanks to Glynn Ryland from Channel 4, Nina Bhagwat from Think Bigger, Steve Wynne from Rival Media, Helen Matthews, Ali Wood, and to Sara Hill and Prime Focus for hosting - and thanks to everyone who took part.

Glynn Ryland and Steve Wynne from Rival Media.

Independent HR Manager and Trainer, Helen Matthews.

Nina Bhagwat : Make it easy for the person reading your CV to give you a job. Cater for a short attention span – you have ten seconds to make an impression so get the top 1/3 of your CV right.

Steve Wynne : Pay attention to your covering letter – I still get letters that start “Dear Sir / Madam” and include spelling mistakes. Letter should say “I’ve seen one of your shows” and I’ll always be interested if you know someone I know.

Glynn Ryland : Do the "So What Test" – if it’s not relevant, take it out. We tend to want to write detail – save that for the interview.

Helen Matthews : Less is often more in a covering letter, or even on a CV – keep it relevant.

Helen Matthews : Learn to spell “definitely”.

No Gimmicks : don’t include gimmicks when you send in spec CVs – you may be remembered for the wrong reasons.

"Gimmicks don’t work but sweets do!" Steve Wynne

Q: What should old people do? How do you make it look like you’re not over-qualified? A: People are always most interested in the most recent thing you have done, and in the most relevant credits for that job so tailor your CV. Create a box with “selected credits between X and Y years”.

See for great networking, talent, jobs and information. to contact any of the people in these photos please go the the NETWORK part of the Media Parenset site. to join us please go to

by Amy Walker

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