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5 Minutes With… Ade Rawcliffe, C4 Creative Diversity Manager

September 7, 2011 @ 4:10 pm Posted in News Comments

Here, Ade Rawcliffe, one of Channel 4′s Creative Diversity Managers writes about the progress of The Alpha Fund.

Ade Rawcliffe, C4 Creative Diversity Manager is in the NETWORK at

You may have seen the recent article on Channel 4’s Alpha Fund in Broadcast magazine, so I thought that now would be a good time to give you more information.

It’s now 6 months since David Abraham launched the Alpha Fund at the Nations and Regions conference in Salford, using his keynote speech to declare that Channel 4 must protect its identity and uniqueness. The fund is designed to support new creative talent with an expressed commitment to commission more companies from Britain’s black and ethnic communities.

Channel 4 is working with more BAME companies than ever before. This is remarkable and challenges many people’s predictions about what is a competitive and consolidating industry.

To give you some top line figures. To date, we have engaged with 320 companies and have put 54 projects into paid development, of which 22 have progressed to full commissions.

More details are attached in this PDF Alpha Fund Update – August 2011 for great networking, talent, jobs and information. to join us, or contact Ade Rawcliffe through the NETWORK, please go to

Ade Rawcliffe Ade’s role as Media Project Manger at Channel 4 is driving the commissioning of content from new, diverse, grassroots talent throughout the UK. Prior to joining Channel 4, she worked as a Producer across both the BBC and the independent sector with credits including Big Brother, Right to Reply, and The Big Breakfast. She is always looking for ways to develop diverse talent and plays a key part in Channel 4’s ongoing commitment to reflecting the diversity of contemporary Britain in all its variety. Ade is a Nigerian from Macclesfield and has worked in the North West of England, where she maintains close contacts.

by Amy Walker

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