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Brighton Media Parents coffee morning for IWD

March 18, 2011 @ 12:07 am Posted in Events, News Comments

Media Parents TALENT Debbie Deeney organised the first Media Parents coffee morning in Brighton on March 8th, and writes here about the experience.

People who dropped in for coffee with Brighton Media Parents: Debbie Deeney, Mary Hui, Catherine Head, Helen Page, Annabel Laister, Maggie Bowler and her friend, Jacqui Partridge and Farrah Jaufurally who has just got a job in Brighton through Media Parents.

So as well as a lovely sunny day and a great coffee house, I celebrated International Women’s day on the 8thMarch by meeting some truly lovely ladies in Brighton and having a chat over coffee and cake.

I would have normally have spent the day looking for work, looking for a matching pair of kids gloves out of the 7 ‘ left hands’ by my front door, or looking for divine intervention as to what to make for tea!   Today was a refreshing break and reminded me that the people make the media industry a great place to work.

The topics of chat were (but not limited to) modern technology training, skillset bursaries, pressures on youth of today, local office/desk space, childcare, post office queues, losing confidence when job hunting, effects of the financial downturn on the industry and worrying women.   We also talked about some of our Dreams for our Daughters in support of the White Ribbon Alliance and dreams on a whole for women of the future.

The beautiful children that came with their mums have to be the most chilled smiley bunch I have ever met (so very pleased mine weren’t there to ruin this) and it was a really relaxed, informal setting for a lovely time and a catch up with new people.

I hope there will be more coffee mornings in Brighton.

If you’re interested in events in Brighton please email

Debbie Deeney is a Production Manager / Exec who can be found in the TALENT section of for great talent, networking, jobs and information.

by Amy Walker

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