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media parents cv event – tips from the director of HR at tiger aspect

October 8, 2010 @ 12:04 am Posted in Events, News Comments

Tonight’s Media Parents CV Event was a great success – the overwhelming response was delight from the talent managers at the level of talent, and the freelancers were delighted by how approachable the talent managers were, and how useful the advice and contacts were.  Huge thanks to everyone for giving up their time to come, and to Hat Trick for hosting in their lovely coffee bar.  I’ll be writing soon with tips from the talent managers, but first, here’s something Helen Matthews, Director of HR at Tiger Aspect, prepared earlier… but first Helen’s response to tonight:

“Met some lovely hugely talented people tonight. Huge congrats on what’s becoming such a success.”


About You

Identify your transferable skills – remember to think about what you have achieved in your “gap”

For example: writing a blog/ doing accounts for your partner/ helping in your local community

Use positive language and action verbs (for example…)

Transforming Motivating Persuading
Flexible Imaginative Tenacious

Targeting your perfect job – prioritise what’s important to you for example:

Networking – think about your last position, your personal contacts & your professional network

Network in a way which works for you

Be clear about what you want

Look for people you click with

Always follow up & keep in touch (but don’t over do it)

Use online networking for eg  media parents, Linked in

Keep informed and be up to date – websites, broadcast, media guardian etc

Action Plan

Who is my network?

What are my first steps?

When will I do this by?

How can I make sure people know who I am and what I’m about?

How am I going to meet with and catch up with these people?

Applying for Jobs

  • Target your CV.
  • Use key words from the person spec/job description/advert.
  • Give clear examples of achievements and actions which can always be backed up.
  • Be confident and sell yourself but be honest about your role and contribution, it doesn’t take long to find out who actually did what, integrity is everything.
  • Attention to detail! Nothing screams out more than a spelling error.
  • Do keep it to 2 sheets of A4.
  • Don’t use colour and fonts thinking it will make yours stand out – it’s the content that is key.
  • No photos! We’ve seen many strange and wonderful pictures, they’re just not appropriate. (but it’s great to see you on!)


by Amy Walker

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