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5 minutes with PC Emma Bellars

March 6, 2024 @ 9:55 pm Posted in Freelancer Profiles, News, TV Returners Comments
Hi All, writes PC Emma Bellars
Looking for some help? I’m currently on mat leave before returning to full time PC role in mid April. I have absolutely no money coming in until then and desperately looking for anything whilst I’m home.

Emma Bellars

I have 3 days a week I can dedicate to absolutely anything- admin/research/secretary/coordinator work. With credits on Great British Railway Journeys, Afghanistan: No Country for Women and Dispatches: Vaccine Wards, I’m proficient in Albert and sound mouse too.
I have my own laptop, just looking to help in any way possible, whilst earning a little bit of money and not going crazy in the last few weeks! Please get in touch!
Thank you,
P.S. The photo is myself and Maxwell, the little bean who’s my current sidekick!
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