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Media Parents Back to Work Winner PD Laura Martin-Robinson, Wales

August 17, 2019 @ 9:56 am Posted in News Comments

It’s always been my dream to direct documentaries writes Media Parents Back to Work Scheme Winner Laura Martin-Robinson. I spent my 20s throwing myself into the world of work – researching at the BBC and making independent docs on the side. I got a job working on Louis Theroux’s San Quentin doc and my first film was selected for Britdoc and Birds Eye View. It was amazing and I felt I’d landed.

Cardiff PD Laura Martin-Robinson will be attending Edinburgh TV Festival through the Media Parents Back to Work Scheme

My 30s were spent figuring out how to make films, have kids and do it from Wales. Over the past 8 years I’ve had 3 children and 3 maternity breaks. I’ve continued working in between – but always part time. I’ve also had caring responsibilities for my brother, dad and mum. This stretched me emotionally, financially and physically. In an industry where confidence is key it took time for me to find my voice.

I began directing but it’s been a challenge. Being a mum and out of London has added an extra dimension of feeling cut off from the TV community and commissioners.

Having been at companies that weren’t on board with flexible working I now work with a Welsh production company ie ie (yeah yeah) productions. It’s a truly flexible company that is making it its mission to support women and underrepresented voices in film and TV.

Last year's Media Parents Back to Work Scheme winners at Edinburgh TV Festival

I’ve made films that have done well in Wales (I won 2 BAFTA Cymru awards) and that I’m proud of, but with the kinds of projects I’ve chosen (long term on a part time basis) I’ve barely covered child-care costs.

I’m now ready to step up a gear and go back to consistent work, build my networks and develop my craft as a director.


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