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Media Parents Back to Work Winner Casting Producer Joanna Gretton

August 19, 2019 @ 2:48 pm Posted in News Comments

I am attending Edinburgh TV Festival as part of the Media Parents Back to Work Scheme this year writes Casting Producer Joanna Gretton.

Joanna Gretton (right) with Amy Walker at Media Parents Summer Party 2017. Joanna will be attending EdTVFest with Cardiff PD Laura Martin-Robinson and Director Candida Scott Knight

Before leaving TV production to explore other avenues when my children were at nursery, I worked as a PD, AP and Casting Producer and casting is my chosen route to return. I love people and real human stories, my most recent credits were for documentaries and casting celebrity interviewees for royal obituaries. I’ve experienced human stories from a different perspective over the last three years in the course of my work for Media Parents, both as a Talent Manager and in supporting returners back to work. Now my children are both at school I want to bring these stories to screen again.

I know I need to refresh my skills – I’ve seen that companies sometimes ask casters to use premiere pro these days, so I’m going to look into that. I’ll also refresh my camera skills and I can teach myself how to cast on Skype. I’m very excited at the prospect of returning and bringing back my voice to TV.

Joanna Gretton (in red) at the Media Parents Job Share Event at West Digital in July

I don’t think I realised I could do casting as a job share until recently, and, thanks to the Media Parents Job Share event at West Digital  in July,  I’ve found one potential partner and am on the look-out for more potential job shares. I’ve started to approach companies to find out which are sympathetic to job share and I’m excited at the prospect – start with the companies listed on Media Parents if you are trying to work out which are supportive of flexible working.

For practical reasons I’m starting with the companies that are geographically close to where I live to make my commute and the school run easier. Get in touch if you want to job share, or watch this space to see how I get on.

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