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Media Parents Back to Work Scheme Winner Director Candida Scott Knight

August 19, 2019 @ 3:11 pm Posted in News Comments

With my work experience as a director in drama on short films, Hollyoaks and a further 7 years directing shorter form, after raising a family and living overseas, returning to the UK, I’m absolutely ready to re-start my career in TV again writes Returning Director Candida Scott-Knight. Candida will be attending Edinburgh TV Festival this week as part of the Media Parents Back to Work Scheme, supported by Media Parents.

Returning Director Candida Scott Knight will be attending Edinburgh TV Festival alongside PD Laura Martin-Robinson and Casting Producer Joanna Gretton as part of the Media Parents Back to Work Scheme

Over the past 2 years I’ve been getting up to speed, meeting colleagues old and new, developing projects, applying to schemes, shadowing on Britannia II as well as completing training, most recently multi—camera, directing scenes on Coronation Street.

With a truer and more honest way of being in the way I am now, I bring a very real and authentic voice to the media today. With this quality and my experience, I’m very clear on my skills and what I now bring to take my career to the next level.

Returning Director Candida Scott Knight waving (not drowning) in the crowd at Media Parents Summer Drinks

I realise I may not be be handed the keys to direct immediately, although like learning to ride a bicycle I’m ready and know how to. So whilst I work towards directing, I’m open to looking at all positions and transferring my directing skills to other jobs within the industry so I can step back to full time work again and bring all of me to it.

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