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Movember with Media Parents PD Phil Stein

November 3, 2015 @ 1:48 pm Posted in News Comments
Hello everyone. This year, I am taking part in Movember. If you have never heard of Movember, the idea is quite simple. I grow a MOustache during NoVEMBER. MO…VEMBER, get it? No, I haven’t just made this up – it’s an actual thing. A big thing, which raises money for men’s health in various countries around the world. The main causes are testicular cancer, prostate cancer, men’s mental health and physical inactivity. All worthy causes you are willing to support, right?

Shooting PD Phil Stein in clean shaven times at Media Parents' Arrow Media event in October.

So what will happen is every day this month, I will be posting a photo of myself on my Facebook page and on my twitter account (@filmmaker_phil). The first one is attached to this message.
In return, all I ask is for a small donation from you – and for you to spread the word: I’m aiming to raise £250 this month. You can click on my special Movember website: and follow the instructions. All major credit cards (and PayPal) are accepted.
Yours Hairily.

DONATE to get Phil to smile :

Phil Stein is a creative P/D, Series Producer (or Series Director) and Edit Producer who focuses on strong story-telling through well-crafted films. He has fifteen+ years of experience with specialist factual, ob-doc & drama-doc formats. Find him here :

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by Amy Walker

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