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Huge thanks to FremantleMedia UK for hosting Media Parents CV A&E this week. Fremantle opened their doors to eighty people for the event, which was sponsored by Alias Hire and also featured employers from Twofour, RDF Television, Nutopia and elsewhere – thanks to everyone who attended and made this such a successful event. Here Media Parents Promo Producer and Co-ordinator Zoe Brooks writes about attending her first Media Parents event. Scroll further down this blog for CV tips from attending companies.

Thanks to Emily Gale for hosting the latest Media Parents event at FremantleMedia UK and to Zoe Brooks for this piece

It was 5.30 as I arrived at 1 Stephen’s Street. Fremantle Media HQ was like walking into a vast marble futuristic film set. I strolled, wide eyed along to the front desk, where I was greeted by a charming receptionist who knew exactly why I was there, and where I was going.

“Media Parents CV A+E.”

“Yes, that’s right.”

“Name Please.”

“Zoë Brooks.” She swiftly crossed my name off her list with her brand new pink highlighter and ushered me to the glass entrance gates, where by now the alarm was now going off through a bit of forced gate action by a Media Parent without security ID!

Boundless West Head John Comerford meets a Media Parents exec

Yes I was here for the Media Parents CV Surgery hosted by Fremantle Media’s Head of Talent Emily Gale and her colleagues John Comerford, Head of Boundless West, Esther Johnson, Boundless’s Head of Production, and Katharine Rosser, talent assistant.

Twofour's talent managers Leeanne Vinson and Sue Kenderdine get down to business

There were eight CV stations set up including  Leeanne Vinson and Sue Kenderdine from Twofour, Julia Waring from RDF, and Nutopia COO Helena Tait and her team, Simon Willgoss and Natalie Spanier.

Ian Critchley, Talent Consultant from Sony International TV and The Alias Hire guys also had stations where they gave tips and knowledge about freelance work in the TV industry.   Last but most definitely not least, Amy Walker, Director of Media Parents & Arrow Media, who kept everyone moving from appointment to appointment with her 10 minute bell!

Sony's Talent Consultant Ian Critchley coaches on networking

I was going to see Leeanne Vinson, Talent Exec from TwoFour, the people who brought us the fabulous “Kitchen Impossible” with Michel Roux Jnr, my slot was 6.40, and it was only 5.45, I thought I better mingle.

RDF's Julia Waring gets straight to the point

I trotted along to Nutopia before they had a chance to settle into their chairs, and spoke to Simon Willgoss, Head of Development who was very interested in what I did. I am a Promo Producer / Production Co-ordinator and it was through chatting to Simon that I realised I could play my hand in a slightly different way and market myself to the hire companies as well as the TV companies – thanks Simon.

The Alias Hire team demo their kit

The guys from Alias Hire (Camera, Kit, Crew) were sponsoring the event.  They brought along their new Drone, which is a very impressive piece of kit.  I did not know that a Drone comes with a Drone Pilot.  I also did not know that you could hire a Drone, a Drone Pilot, a Camera Operator & Insurance for about £600.00 a day, I would have guessed more.

Alias Hire MD Danny Dawson

But what would Leeanne make of my CV? Not much as it turned out! Total reconstruction! She was drawing arrows everywhere, the bottom bit should be at the top, the top bit at the bottom, it was good, constructive feedback. I got the message, and her card!   She will be seeing this CV again, after I have given it a 21st Century makeover!

All in all a great event, well-organised with lots of knowledgeable and experienced professionals who were happy to share their experiences and suggestions to help you try and get more freelance work.

I encourage all Media Parents to go along to these events, you really can get lots out of them, and you will always be given a warm welcome.

Media Parents Director Amy Walker

Media Parents next event is Christmas Drinks, sponsored by Cornish Insurance and hosted by Molinare. For details please see watercooler and site emails. Guest list is here :

Adrian Padmore Assistant Commissioner BBC

Alan Davis PM Shiver

Alex Mattholie Researcher Arrow Media

Alice Lister HoP ClearStory

Alicia Vella Producer/Director

alison martin Series Producer

Amy Walker Series Producer / Director Media Parents

Anna Coane Producer

Anne Monnehay Editor

Anthony Coates Manager UK sales and business Cornish Insurance

Charley Bennett Casting Producer Shiver

Charlotte Armitage PD

Chiara Messineo Producer/Director

Christie Thackray Production Coordinator Maker Studios

Claire Walker HoP Raw Cut Television

Clare Richards Producer Director Dragonfly

Clio David Producer Director Camera

Dafydd O’Connor Producer/Director

Danny Dawson MD Alias Hire


David Harris PD

Diana Hinshelwood Producer

Ed Stradling Producer/Director

Emily Gale Head of Talent Fremantle Media

Emma Houghton-Brown AP Arrow Media

Esther Johnson HoP Boundless

Euan McRae PM ClearStory

Fergus Clark DOP

Fiona Frankland PM Phil Mcintyre TV

Francesco Ficarra Assistant Producer Arrow Media

Graciela Watson Edit Producer

Grainne McPhillips Producer

Helen Williamson Series Producer

ian critchley Talent Consultant Sony

Ian Lamarra Creative Director Bookhouse TV

Isa Suarez Composer / Performer

Isobel Ricketts PM Breakthrough Media

Jasbir Saund Talent Manager Breakthrough Media

Jason Hendriksen PM Windfall Films

Jeff Bannis Director

Jim Shreim Producer / Director

John McVay Chief Executive PACT

Jon Mountague Head of Comedy SKY

Jon Nicholls Composer

Jonah Weston Executive Producer Lime Pictures

Josephine Besbrode Producer/Director

Jude Parker Series Producer

Kasia Uscinska Producer/Director

Katherine Parsons Executive producer

Katy Milner Director

Katy Savage Development Producer

Kemi Ayoola Line Producer

Kerry Jones Client Liaison Media Parents

Kim Duke Series producer

Kim Smith Assistant Producer Arrow Media

Kymberlie Andrew Broadcast Journalist

Kyra Beguiristain Producer

Laura Leigh Senior Producer Studio Lambert

Laura Vaughan Producer Arrow Media

Laura Watts PM Barcroft Productions

Lesley Scarff Series producer/edit producer

Lindy Taylor Production Executive Broadbean Media

livia russell SP/Edit Producer

Liz Bayliffe Smith Commercial Manager Dock10

Loanna Morrison Researcher/AP

louise Orton Producer/Director

Lucia Yandoli Research and Development

Lucy Dwyer Writer / Producer

Lynda Hall Camera Operator Features & Drama

Magda Gora Researcher Arrow Media

Maria French Production Executive Maverick

Matt Currington PD

Matt Norman Composer

Megan Ott Production Coordinator Barcroft Media

Megan Owens People finder / genealogist

Michael Bolsover Offline Editor

Michael Pentney Editor

Michaela Hulmanova Production Accountant Arrow Media

Michelle Heeley Exec Producer

Morgan Phillips Producer/Director

Nicki Purcell Production Executive Crackit

Nicola Waddell Executive Producer/Series Producer

Patrick McMahon Head of Development Boomerang

Patrick Steele Head of Commercial Dock10

Paul Birmingham PM Brook Lapping

Pauline Roenisch PM Arrow Media

Peter Grimsdale Exec producer

Phil Stein P/D

Pip Gould Production Co-ordinator Arrow Media

Rachael Heaton-Armstrong Producer

Rashpal Dhaliwal PM Arrow Media

Richard Hughes Camera / Director

Romesh Aluwihare Film & TV Editor

Rosemary Laryea Presenter/Producer

Sara Brailsford executive producer

Sean Grundy Writer Director

Shany Stephany AP

Shaun Wilton Company Director

silvia galeazzi tv and radio creative

Stephanie Campbell Series producer

Steve McNally Cornish Insurance

Stuart Watts Drone Operator Alias Hire

susan drummond Producer/Edit Producer

Susana Seijas Dacey Producer

Susie Worster Head of Talent Wall to Wall

Tina Lohmann HoP Bookhouse TV

Tolula Dada Development Editor

Tracy Garrett Production Manager

Trevor Showler Freelance / Creative Director

Uli Hesse Producer / Director

Weston Owens Edit Series Producer

Zoe Fryer Producer/Director

Media Parents next event is our Christmas Drinks, see for details.

by Amy Walker

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