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Arrow Media meets Media Parents photos

October 22, 2015 @ 10:00 am Posted in News Comments

Many thanks to Arrow Media’s Exec Team for throwing open Arrow Media’s HQ to 60 Media Parents freelancers last week – great to hear that Arrow Media has subsequently employed some Media Parents freelancers and will be keeping in touch with many more. MD Iain Pelling personally welcomed everyone, and Joint Creative Director John Smithson spoke to greet everyone and introduce the exec team. We then dispersed to all corners of Arrow Media to meet and talk, it was great to be invited into so much of the building. Here are some of the photos, more are shared in our twitterfeed @mediaparents and on facebook.

John Smithson, Arrow Media's Joint Creative Director, greets the room at Arrow's London HQ.

Arrow Media MD Iain Pelling not only worked the whole room, he met every Media Parents freelancer attending throughout the whole Arrow Media building.

Arrow Media Execs Ash Potterton and Nick Metcalfe amongst the Media Parents crowd.

It was pretty packed! 60 Media Parents freelancers then dispersed around the building to meet the Arrow Media Exec Team.

Arrow Media's Talent Exec Dawn Beresford meets a Media Parents Editor in post production. Huge thanks to Dawn for suggesting this event.

Thanks to very new father and Exec Ash Potterton for joining us - congratulations on the new arrival!

Media Parents Back to Work freelancers waiting to meet Ash Potterton.

Media Parents freelancers networking in the basement at Arrow Media.

Arrow Media Joint Creative Directors John Smithson (right), Tom Brisley (centre) and Exec Nick Metcalfe meet Media Parents freelancers in the board room.

Media Parents Production Manager Rashpal Dhaliwal spotted hard at work in the Arrow Media office!

Arrow's Head of Features Oliver Wright meeting a freelancer on the third floor.

Executive Producer Thomas Viner with a Media Parents freelancer.

Production Executive Carrie Pettifer meets Media Parents Archivist Tracey Li.

A good time was had by all.

Thanks also to Arrow Media's runners for smoothly facilitating the event.

Please join for great jobs, networking and events. The next Media Parents networking will be announced in the first week of November provisionally taking place on November 23rd, see for details.

by Amy Walker

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