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5 minutes with Presenter Sunita Shroff at BAFTA

June 20, 2014 @ 3:19 pm Posted in News Comments

Sunita Shroff is a Presenter, Actress, Property expert, Red carpet reporter and now Events Producer! Here she writes about her first event at BAFTA on July 6th.

Sunita Shroff, a Media Parents networker

Sunita was born in Scotland to Irish and Indian parents. She was raised in Greece and therefore brings a  cultural mix to the table.

Sunita has become a familiar face on our screens presenting a mix of shows across various networks. Her last project was Secret Location on Channel 4. Sunita is also an actress and has appeared in some of Britains favourite soaps, dramas and films! You will next see her on BBC1′s Doctors as a frosty Matron.

Sunita became a mum nearly 4 years ago to lovey Mimi and now wants to be able to juggle it all! Hence Media Parents is so incredibly helpful!

An ebullient character, Sunita has chutzpah in the bucket loads. Her passions include fashion, travel, personal development and all things mind body and soul!! In addition, Sunita loves Film, so much so she’s a host at BAFTA and now producing her first event there with the amazing Dr David Hamilton who inspired and motivated her a few years ago during one of his incredible talks. In fact there are still a few tickets left. Take a look here for more info or

Sunita is also developing some formats and getting ready to film pilots.

More about the event, in Dr. David Hamilton’s words:

How Your Mind Can Heal Your Body
Why Kindness & Compassion are Good for You
5 Steps to Boost Your Self-Esteem

- You’ll learn tools, tips, and strategies for using your mind to impact and heal your body that you can use on yourself or pass on to loved ones or friends.

- You’ll learn how kindness and compassion impact your arteries and how to make the effects actually work for you.

- And you’ll also learn powerful tools, based on cutting edge neuroscience, for developing your self esteem (self-love) and learn how to, well, just feel good about yourself.

- And you’ll have some laughs :-)

The venue is BAFTA in London, on Piccadilly, in the Princess Anne Theatre.

Afterwards, we can all have drinks in the private BAFTA members bar from 5-7pm.

How does that sound? I imagine you might expect this to be a very expensive event, given the venue. Actually, it’s one of my least expensive events all year and we wanted to keep it that way to make it accessible to everyone.

A couple of years ago, I’d likely be reading about this event with someone else speaking there and not me. But amazing things happen when you start working on self-love.

For more information contact Sunita through Media Parents:

Media Parents next networking event is our summer CV bash on July 3rd. To be there please join

by Amy Walker

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