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5 minutes with… offline editor & fundraiser Alison Hunt

April 3, 2014 @ 12:35 am Posted in News Comments

I’m a media mum with 2 gorgeous children Oliver aged 8 & Ashleigh 7, writes Media Parents offline editor Alison Hunt.

Offline editor Alison Hunt with her two children. Alison is currently raising money for BAFTA's Children's Hospices Screenings by running the London Marathon. To sponsor her please see below.

Despite working as an editor for some of the biggest indies for nearly 20 years, I’ve set myself the biggest challenge of my life this year – I am running the London Marathon. I wish I had tried this lifelong goal earlier in my life… but I’ve finally managed to get a place now I’m 45!  So the challenge is even greater.

I’m am running for BAFTA, which, as part of the Duke’s Charities Forum and HRH The Duke of Cambridge’s patronage of BAFTA, is raising funds to support a series of special Children’s Hospice screenings for children with life-limited conditions and their families throughout the UK.

To support BAFTA screenings, please sponsor Alison now. (Photo: Huw John).

It’s a great charity.  As mother of 2 happy healthy children I can’t imagine the difficulties these families go through.  BAFTA hopes the screenings can give these children a very special experience and treasured memory that they otherwise would find extremely difficult to access.

After having children and turning 40 I gave up my dream of ever running a Marathon as I thought I was too old, and my joints couldn’t take it.  But last year I started running 3 times a week, and after doing a 15k in October I decided I would give it a go. Training has been tough as it has been all through the winter.  Working full-time and long hours, the only time I could fit it in was before the kids got up.  So I have been running 3 times a week at 6.30 in the morning in the cold and dark, and doing my long run at the weekends whilst the kids were in activities.

Alison has been editing full time and traing before work at 6:30 three times a week. Alison's donation page:

Lighter mornings in February made it a little easier, but then in March the training really kicked in as the weekly mileage went up, and up and up. In March alone I clocked up 133 miles (214km).  Luckily for me I had a gap in my schedule around the most intense time training-wise, which allowed me to do my longest runs on consecutive Mondays – 20 miles (3 hrs 25 mins) & 22 miles (3hrs 40 mins).

BAFTA Glasgow Screening.

There are now just 10 days to go now until the event on Sunday April 13th.  I am on target to run it in about 4hrs 15 mins.  Now I have to look after myself, eat well and do a few more short runs so I am totally prepared for the big day.

Also I am now focussed on raising as much money as I can for the Childrens Hospices. Every pound that is raised will spur me on to the finish line to not only achieve a lifetime goal, but also raise money for a very worthy charity.  So please visit my Virgin Money Giving page, there are various links on there with more information.

My page:,4152,BA.html,3627,BA.html

Alison Hunt has been working full time as an editor for nearly 20 years working on Documentaries, Reality Programmes and Factual Entertainment shows for BBC, C4, C5, Discovery, Nat Geo and Sky.

She has worked for most of the big production companies including RDF, Renegade, Boundless Productions, Mentorn, Twenty Twenty, Betty, Silver River and Wall to Wall.

For networking, jobs and great events please join Our next event is in Cardiff on April 29th, please see our site for details.

by Amy Walker


  1. Good luck Alison! You are of course crazy.



  2. jules seymour on April 3rd, 2014 at 12:08 pm
  3. Best of Luck Alison!! You can do it!!

    We’ve gathered some advice from some friends, real runners who have ‘been there, seen it done it’ and run the Marathon in the last few are some tips we hope you find useful! Things like…what to eat for your ‘last supper’, how to sail through that ‘killer’ mile, where the best places are for your friends and family to cheer you on from…hope you find it useful!

  4. Laura on April 12th, 2014 at 5:22 am

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