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5 minutes with Duncan Martin, MD Pro Motion Hire

May 24, 2013 @ 2:51 pm Posted in News Comments

Having worked in Broadcast Equipment hire for over 15 years, I have seen technology change, develop and improve vastly in this time. When we first launched Pro Motion Hire 8 years ago, Z1’s and digi beta camcorders were the order of the day – a much simpler time! Now it seems that there is a new camera with a new codec released every six months or so. We know what a challenge it is for our customers to keep up with the changes in technology but dealing with this on a day to day basis gives us a unique perspective, writes Duncan Martin, MD at Pro Motion Hire which is hosting a Technical Catch Up event for Media Parents members on June 13th.

You're welcome to bring children to this event if they can't walk yet! Pictured here, Pro Motion Hire's Caroline Bingham with her twins. Sorry Duncan Martin's photo will not currently upload!

Transition in TV seems to be the order of the day if not the state in which we continually find ourselves in, whether it be the emergence of new technologies or the continued development of systems and processes.  This is really where our new training initiative comes from. We want to focus on the areas in the industry where there are real knowledge gaps rather than offering more generic superfluous training courses. We have been training our clients on the latest technology for over 5 years and it is a natural progression for us to formalise these courses and work with industry bodies such as Skillset to ensure we are providing relevant and informative training.

Our event will hopefully go some way to, as it says, de-mystify the latest hot topic which is 4K production and also give you a bit of a taster for the new Data Management courses that we are launching this summer. We think that for too long, new technology has been viewed as a scary subject that only very technical minds can approach. We want to break down these ideas and make subjects such as 4K and Data Management accessible to everyone. We know from our own experience and client feedback the main issues and pitfalls that can occur and we have used all this to create training that gives real life practical advice whilst providing a great theoretical foundation to the topic.

After the success of our Back To Work seminar and networking event in January we are very excited to be offering this follow up session and look forward to seeing you on the 13th June.

For details on how to apply for this event please see the watercooler at

If you have 3+ years TV experience please join us at for great jobs, networking and events. Save the date of June 3rd for Media Parents networking in Bristol, June 13th tech catch up in London.

by Amy Walker

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