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5 Minutes with… Gladys San Juan, Script Supervisor / Co-Producer

September 13, 2011 @ 11:39 am Posted in Events, News Comments

Gladys San Juan is in the TALENT section of  Here she writes about the making of her latest short film, and invites you to the screening on Sunday 18th September.

Swoosh screens on Sunday 18th September at Curzon Soho. For more information please contact Gladys San Juan through the TALENT section of

I do get apprehensive when making short films these days and  honestly, it’s about the immense work that goes into planning one – with what money? And, we may wonder, for what reason?  Well, short films are a great way to learn what goes into making movies. Call it a taster teaser if you like for the bigger ones. They still cost money and no one out there will give you the money so you got to put it out there yourself or find some good collaborators that will contribute. People will have to believe in your project.

The production work is equally as hard. I’ve worked on over a dozen short films and I have met a lot of nice people who cared enough to get their dreams made on their credit cards and then send it off to festivals hopeful of recognition.

One interesting short film which I had a lot of fun working on as a Co-Producer and Script Supervisor (two roles I’ll never do at the same time again) will be screened YAY! this Sunday the 18th at the Curzon in Soho from 11am to midday. The short film is called ‘SWOOSH!’ and it’s about  a group of nerdy bogus super heroes who are in a self help group trying to find their way.

The film was written and directed by Sabina Sattar an industry professional for over 15 years. The film was made on a good budget with a great team of collaborators. So, if you fancy coming out this Sunday into London consider yourself invited to this screening at the SOHO Curzon and lets have a chat afterwards about the making of a short film on a shoe string budget. Anyone can do it and it could be loads of fun!  Who knows you might hire us to make your next film? ; )

Gladys San Juan (left) with Sabina Sattar at the Media Parents summer barbecue. For more information about the screening of Swoosh please contact Gladys through the TALENT section of

Gladys’s career her own words:

My versatile career background ranges from Museum Studies, Social Research, Teaching to Office/Project Management to currently Film Production which I enjoy.

I am currently available to work as a freelance Script Supervisor and ideally I am looking to work with a production company in it’s development development. I’d like to know more about commission and sales.

I’m fluent in Italian and Spanish which can help when working on co – productions.

by Amy Walker

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