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Media Parents met Vera, Splash and Rival at Envy

May 18, 2011 @ 12:23 am Posted in News Comments

Many thanks to ENVY for hosting Media Parents meets Vera, Splash, Rival and more in Central London.

Jane Lush and Kate Gibbard from Splash Media meet Media Parents at ENVY

Steve Wynne and Howard Myers, MDs from Rival Media, and Splash Media HoP and MD Kate Gibbard and Jane Lush meet Media Parents

Geoff Atkinson from Vera Productions meets Media Parent Shiroma Silva

Splash Media HoP Kate Gibbard meets a Media Parent

Vera Productions HoP Rebecca Parkinson and MD Geoff Atkinson meet Media Parents

PM Emily Freshwater

Steve Wynne, MD Rival Media talks to a Media Parent

Gregg McNeill from Big Baby Productions talks to Media Parents PD Ian Greaves

Elliott Cranmer, MD ShootMedia talks to Media Parents

Howard Myers, MD Rival Media talks to Media Parent Emma Griffiths

PD / SP Claudine Parrish and PM Jess Goodman

Media Parents Administrator Udo Okpara caught redhanded.

SP Delyth Lloyd, PD Stephanie West and Emma Lyne, AP

PM Jess Goodman, Media Parents Director Amy Walker, photographed by Drama Co-ordinator Maggie Walsh

by Amy Walker


  1. Hi Amy well done – lovely evening – have written on Watercooler – I think I am getting better at it all and it was easier with the interview schedule. I know its hard work for you, but I really find the events very useful. There are not so many editors jobs, so it is nice to meet both the other members and the company folk in person.
    Funny when I eventually did reintroduce myself to Katie from Splash the first thing she said when reading my name on the cv was “o yes you’re the one who came in in the snow!!!” which I did so well remembered for her and picky points for me.

    Off for lunch with Ali the editor jxxxxxxxxx

  2. jean on May 18th, 2011 at 11:09 am

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