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Media Parents on the Southbank for International Women’s Day

March 18, 2011 @ 1:15 am Posted in Events, News Comments

Annie Lennox  and her Equals charity posed the question “When will we really know men and women are equal?”  Media Parents members met on the Southbank on March 8th to discuss it and network.  Here is the story of our 100th International Women’s Day told in pictures by Media Parents TALENT John Ferguson.

Annie Lennox posed the question "When will we really know men and women are equal?" Annie Lennox by John Ferguson. The following speech bubbles represent some of our answers to that question.

Suzette Coon, Writer by John Ferguson. Suzette is in the TALENT section of

Phil Stein, PD by John Ferguson. Phil is in the TALENT section of

"When I can continue my media career after having kids". Amy Walker, Media Parents Director, by John Ferguson. Amy Walker is in the NETWORK section of

Jeremy Westgate, Camera Operator by John Ferguson. Jeremy is in the TALENT section of

Farrah Jaufurally, AP, by John Ferguson. Farrah is in the TALENT section of

Jean Manthorpe, Editor, centre, and Media Parents by John Ferguson. Jean is in the TALENT section of

With many thanks to John Ferguson, Photographer. John can be found in the TALENT section of for great talent, networking, jobs and information.

by Amy Walker


  1. Fantastic! If I hadnt been at an amazing IWD event in Wales I would wish I was there!

    My answers woud be ‘when women’s perceived worth to society is based on her talents, not her looks’, and when women can be assertive without being labelled a bitch.

  2. Esther Nagle on March 21st, 2011 at 12:31 pm

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