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Media Parents Christmas Party in London

December 15, 2010 @ 4:57 pm Posted in Events, News Comments

Please find yourself on the Christmas Party photos below and comment to identify yourself!  Thanks to all those who came and made it a great party!

2. Media Parents Director Amy Walker, centre and Jo Tracy, right.

3. Emily Freshwater, Will Bulman, Kylie McCarroll (lovely nails), Amy Walker, lady in pink, Jo Tracy.

4. Robin O'Sullivan and Elliott Cranmer, left, Rebecca Dowell and Michelle Dalton, right.

5. Sarah and Zain Sabur.

6. Amber Rose, the first Media Parents baby to be born, and Zoe Fryer.

7. Rear : Anna Brabbins, Clare Richards and Tim Allan. Front left, Media Parents Director Amy Walker, Julann Smyth, Emily Freshwater.

8. Jill Robertson tries to get away from Elliott Cranmer, right.

9. From left Mikhael Junod, Caroline Bourne, Rosie Bowen-Jones, Sarah Andrew. Foreground Benjamin and his mum.

10. Media Parents first baby-off. From left Linsey Winton and Raphy, Zoe Fryer and Amber Rose, Samantha Williams and Nyome.


22. McCracken Jnr, Jean Manthorpe, Hazel Palmer

22. Jude Parker, Alex Evans, Eoin O'Shea.

23. Background Anna Bonnadio, Corinne Sweet and Teresa Nunn.

24. Teresa Nunn and Lubna Bhatti with some enormous glasses of white.

25. Karen Jenkinson and Heidi Cross

26. Toral Dixit and Angus Fletcher

27. George Hencken, left, Jane Lush, Alison Martin, Kate Gibbard

28. Alison Matthews.

29. Alison Matthews talks to Nina Ferguson, foreground.

30. Mikhael Junod, Angus Fletcher and Kat Hencken.

31. Erica Wolfe-Murray, Shurwin Harwood, Jean Manthorpe.

32. Gorgeous.

33. Amy Walker and Raphy talk to Jean Manthorpe and Carl Callum.

34. Linsey Winton, Lyn Burgess, Amy Walker and Raphy Winton.

35. Corinne Sweet and Iain Mitchell.

36. Nyome Williams and Donald.



39. Anna Brabbins, Claire Grossmith and her dad.

40. Donald, Ronald and little cracker Nyome Williams.

Many thanks to all those who came along and made it a great event, and to ENVY for their kind hosting.  Happy Christmas from Media Parents.

17. Media Parents Director Amy Walker, shamelessly minesweeping. Julann Smyth was a graceful victim.

18. Lucy Sandys-Winsch, left.

19. Hello! Clare Richards, Tim Allan (as Curtis Brown), Anna Brabbins.

11. Jean Manthorpe and Erica Wolfe-Murray, right.

12. Angus Fletcher, foreground, Farrah Jaufuraully, centre, Corinne Sweet, rear right of frame.

13. Jane Lush and Kate Gibbard with Alison Martin.

15. This lady was not buying any of Jake Sumner's chat.

16. George Hencken foreground, with Alex Evans, Eoin O'Shea, Jude Parker and Hazel Palmer's hair.

by Amy Walker

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