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Media Parents Summer Birthday Party Photos

July 20, 2012 @ 6:34 pm Posted in News Comments

A big thank you to everyone who came to the Media Parents Summer Birthday Party, to help us celebrate our 2nd birthday!  We had a great time, the sun shone, everyone sang Happy Birthday and Sara Hill and the Prime Focus team generously plied us all with food and drink – great hospitality in the middle of Soho.  Media Parents is now working with more than 400 companies, and we need more freelancers to fill all our jobs so please spread the word. Please have a look at the photos and guest list below, and if you’d like to contact anyone at the event please log in to

Susie Dark, Donna Taberer, Daisy Newman, Alison Kreps, Jessica Wilson, and Laura Mansfield.

Zoe Fryer, Ginita Jimenez, Tina Lohmann, Matt Holden. Matt Holden started the singing.

Maggie Walsh, Miranda Wayland, Marsha Witter. "Last night was great! Met some fabulous people from ITV, an inspiring director (and a v cute man). Thank you for setting that up!"

Heather Brown, Mike Smith.

Fabien Dudragne, Leo Carlyon, Shaun Gilmartin: "An enjoyable bash! Thanks".

Claire Seeber, Rob Lord. "Well done and thanks for last night!"

Sara Hill.

Amy Walker (Media Parents), Fabien Dudragne, Claire Brown (Media Parents). "It was such a brilliant night! There is so much support for Media Parents. You should be proud Amy, you have got the industry talking about flexible working and created a huge network of very influential people at the same time. All in 2 years!"

Naike Mabois (right): "It was great to meet you yesterday - a wonderful evening and thanks again for the invite. It was very relaxed and a great mix of people".

Chris Chaundler: "I met some great up and coming talent as well as experienced producers, and had a good laugh."

Simon Phillips, Shanet Lewis.

Nikki Albon, Amanny Mohammed, Ginny Bing.

Jules Seymour: "Good party".

Aretha Holmes, Susan Masters.

Tina Lohmann: "I had a nice time and met some great people so thanks for encouraging me to come". Look out for Hazel Palmer (pink and yellow hair, left) in the Olympic Opening Ceremony.

Look out for Hazel Palmer (pink and yellow hair, left) in the Olympic Opening Ceremony.

Caius Julyan and Sonia Lovett: "Thanks for organising a lovely party. I really enjoyed it."

Ben Justice came all the way from Portsmouth.

Rubia Dar: "Thanks for putting on such a great event last night. It was a really nice way of meeting people and to just chill for the evening. Thanks once again and looking forward to the next one!"

Melanie Leblond: "It was very nice to meet you and some of the members of the Media Parents. Thank you for organising such a lovely birthday party, I had a great time and I met some very nice people!" Look out for Hazel Palmer (pink and yellow hair, left) in the Olympic Opening Ceremony.

The Media Parents Summer Birthday Party was generously hosted by Prime Focus If you look closely you can see Media Parents on the roof - thanks to everyone who made it a great party, here's to another great year.

Media Parents Guestlist

Amy Walker Media Parents
Claire Brown Media Parents
Emma Riley Production Executive, Mentorn Media
Matt Holden Executive Producer, Folio / Mentorn
Sally George MD, Walker George Films
Stephen Walker MD, Walker George Films
Miranda Wayland ITV Diversity Manager
Donna Taberer Head of College of Production,  BBC Academy
Olivier Lauchenauer MD, Pogo Films
Richard Johnston COO, Endemol
Jane Hammond Production Manager
Ed Nissen MD, Renegade  Films
Jessica Wilson Director of Talent, Cineflix
Louisa Carbin Production Manager
Susie Dark Head of Production, Outline
Laura Mansfield Joint MD, Outline
Jason Wells SP
Bianca Adefarakhan BBC College of Production
Daisy Newman BBC College of Production
Sara Brailsford Director of Content, Atomized
Jason Crosby NBC Universal
Shaun Gilmartin Head of International Coproductions, WFTN Australia
Edi Smockum Think Bigger
Julian Howse
Marsha Witter Talent Scheme Manager ITV
Kieran Hennigan Assistant Producer at Many Hands Productions
Adrian Tanner Director at Many Hands Productions.
Chris Chaundler Founding Partner VCCP
Emma Macgregor HoP VCCP
Amanda Keane Head of HR, Evolutions
Stef Watkins Editor
Ed Watkins AP
Ellin Stein Producer
Sarah Mills AP
Leo Carlyon Editor
Neil Gallery SP
Victoria Crawley SP
Kai Clear
Alison Kreps SP
Marco Calabrese PC
Heather Brown Development
Caius Julyan Edit Producer
Deola Folarin
Rob Lord Composer
Hazel Palmer Camera Op
Mike Smith
Simon Phillips PD / SP
Aretha Holmes AP
Susan Masters
Mel Leblond Editor
Alina Gavrielatos
Zoe Fryer PD
Sonia Lovett Vision Mixer / Director
Katherine Eisner
Lucie Pemberton Make Up Artist
Claire Seeber Writer / Director
Charlotte Fisher Producer
Emily Freshwater PM
Iain Mitchell Editor
Sally Weale SP / PD
Hayley Smith SP
Susan Drummond Producer
Anna Brabbins 1st AD
Che Charles PD
Paul Ballard Business Development, Airpost TV
Jean Manthorpe Editor
Mikhael Junod Editor
Jim Hickey SP
Dan Glew Development Exec
Amanda Kershaw Producer
Ceri Barnes PM
Philip Jones PD
Ginita Jimenez Producer
Liz Foley Series Editor
Rosie Bowen-Jones SP
Debra Hawkins
Danny Davis Editor
Jackie Chivers Production Manager
Lovejit Dhaliwal AP/PD
Nikki Albon AP
Ben Justice Development
Nainita Desai Composer and Sound Designer
Amanny Mohamed PD
Katinka Newman PD
Joseph Cunningham self shooting PD,  Edit producer, cameraman
Aira Idris
Fabien Dudragne dubbing mixer, sound editor
Jules Seymour SP
Rubia Dar producer
Jeremy Daldry SP
Shaun Wilton Head of Facilities, Shooting Partners
Maggie Walsh PC
Kirstin Dryburgh Head of Production
Lucy Allen
Naike Mabois
Ginny Bing SP
Iain Coyle SP
Tina Lohmann PM
Shanet Lewis
Zan Barberton PD/ Editor
Sammy Todd PC

by Amy Walker


  1. thanks to everyone who came and made it great, i met some great new people and heard some brilliant ideas which always makes it a great night in my eyes. hope to see you at another Media Parents party soon!

  2. amy walker on July 20th, 2012 at 7:42 pm

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