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media parents 1st flexible working meeting notes 2

by Amy Walker

Media Parents held a meeting about flexible working in media, and several companies were quick to support this.  Herefollows a serial summary of comments from the meeting.  Many thanks to all who attended and to Envy Post Production for hosting the event.

Amy Walker, Director of Media Parents hadn't bargained on a bar stool

Amy Walker, Director of Media Parents is a new jobs and social networking website which will collect part-time, short-term, jobshare and regular hours TV jobs in one place. the site will give employers access to a uniquely experienced talent pool, and improve the work/life balance of parents and experienced media freelancers, keeping a diverse talent base in TV production.

so why was Media Parents formed? 5000 women and 750 men left the industry over the last 3 years according to Skillset’s latest figures.  at media parents we are asking for your help to return some of these people to the media jobmarket, to stop the next 5000 women leaving, and to enable employers to find this high-calibre talent easily.

There’s a considerable disparity between male and female stats in TV – only 50% of women in TV are over 35 compared with 64% in the national workplace as a whole. here’s another stat:  62% of people have children in the national workplace – only 34% of men in TV have children and 21% of women are mothers according to Skillset’s research. this is not meant to be a sob story - Media Parents is not about complaining or criticizing the status quo in TV – it’s about taking positive action.

in the wider workplace 48% percent of parents feel they do not have a choice over whether to spend time with their children or at work, and it’s a fair assumption that this figure must be higher in media as mediaworkers work longer hours – 45 hours/week on average, compared with a 32 hour week across the entire UK economy. if that average media employee worked all year round, the difference in those hours would mean the person in media would work 21 working days per year more than the average person – cancelling out standard holiday allocation really.  So what can we do about this?

Emily Booth, Deputy Editor, Broadcast Magazine

Emily Booth – Deputy Editor, Broadcast magazine talked about some of the results from Women in TV Survey conducted in May 2010. Also, the subsequent roundtable discussion that took place with contributors such as Lorraine Heggessey, Oona King and Jana Bennett. Links to Broadcast articles can be found at the end of this article.

  • 87% per cent of women answering the survey believed that women were at a disadvantage compared to 10% of men. The reasons for this are the unreasonably long hours and the inability to get childcare to cover that. Also the inflexibility of employers.

‘Flexible’ was a word that used often in the responses. Key points that came from the survey:

-       Broadcasters should lead by example, have a crèche, they should be open to different methods of working.

-       Workplace childcare vouchers should be available for freelancers too

Questions / Concerns:

“When having time off to have babies, companies forget you and then workers find it hard to combine job and childcare”

“Companies don’t take into account the balance needed, and are intolerant”

At the Roundtable discussion that followed…

-      Suggestion made to have a ‘Post Programme Review’ – Companies look in detail at how the programme was managed in time and budget. Could it work flexibly in the future?

-      Identify long-running formats that could work flexibly

-      Improve networks for parents returning to work, and keep parents in contact when on maternity leave

-      The ‘macho’ culture both in the work place and on screen should be addressed

-      It’s a sterile working environment with long hours

Karl Burnett, Director of HR, BBC Vision quotes from an Ariel article on flexible working

Next: Hear what Karl Burnett – HR Director – BBC Vision had to say…

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media parents 1st flexible working meeting notes 1

by Amy Walker is a new jobs and social networking website for people who want to work flexibly in media held a meeting in May 2010 to promote flexible working.  The meeting was kindly hosted by Envy Post Production.  It was chaired by Media Parents Director Amy Walker and attended by the following people, who all support flexible working in media:

Amy Walker welcomes everyone to the 1st Media Parents Flexible Working Meeting. Special thanks to Envy for hosting the event.

Amy Walker: Director, Media Parents

Amanda Rice: Head of Diversity, BBC

Anna Bonnadio, Development Producer, Tiger Aspect

Annie Lee: Director of Production, Oxford Film & Television

Chi Ukairo: job sharing PD ex ITV

Dominic Briere-Edney, Envy Post Production

Emily Booth: Deputy Editor, Broadcast

Helen Matthews: HR Director, Tiger Aspect

Helen Veale: MD, Outline Productions

Jane Manning: Head of Production, October Films

Jane Manning, Head of Production from October Films works flexibly

Jessica Sharkey: Director of Production, Hat Trick Productions

Jo Dolman: HR Director, talkbackTHAMES

Joyce Adeluwoye-Adams: Diversity Advisor, PACT

Justine Randle: job sharing drama PM, The Bill, talkbackTHAMES

Karl Burnett, Head of HR, BBC Vision

Kathy Hale: Head of Operations / Production, Parthenon Entertainment

Laura Clark: Director, Indie Training Fund

Laura Djanogly: Director of Production, Hat Trick Productions

Joyce Adeluwoye-Adams, Diversity Advisor for PACT

Liz Mills: MD, Red Spider Productions, Director, Top TV Academy

Media Parent: Suzie Marsh, Series Producer and flexible working mum

Media Parent: Anita Webster, Series / Exec Producer

Media Parent: Terry Tyldesley, PD

Media Parent: Jude Winstanley, Director, The Unit List

Media Parent: Alison Kreps, Series Producer

Media Parent: Danielle Graham, Series Producer

Media Parent: Jo Molloy, PD

Chi Ukairo, Media Parent, speaks about working flexibly as a PD

Media Parent: Lorraine Molloy, PD

Media Parent: Mel Francombe, PD

Naomi Carter: Head of Production, Mentorn

Natascha Cadle: Facilities Director, Envy Post Production

Rachel Peters: job sharing drama PM, The Bill, talkbackTHAMES

Tessa Matchett: Ex job sharer, Head of Strategic Comms, BBC Vision

Tim Key: Series Producer, The Bill, talkbackTHAMES

Here follows a series of posts which summarise the comments made at the meeting.  Please feel free to comment, or to email comment to

thanks to lorraine molloy for taking the photos.

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