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Media Parents on Sea Event June 2018

by Amy Walker

Media Parents has been helping the Hastings bid to become a smaller Channel 4 hub and now we’re hosting an update on the bid on Monday June 4th, on Hastings’ iconic RIBA award winning pier.

Oh you do like to be beside the seaside, do you? Join us on Monday 4th June on Hastings Pier for Media Parents on Sea update on the Channel 4 hub bid

Do join us if you would work locally to Hastings, or if you just fancy a trip to the seaside. The event is free and open to everyone and Hastings Borough Council will update on the Channel 4 hub bid progress, plus good news for local filmmakers. And a lovely bar.

Media Parents on Sea event drinks will now take place in the PAVILION Bar, pictured, from 6pm on June 4th

Tickets are free and open to members and non members, parents or not. Please add your name to the guestlist here :

Who’s Coming so far…

polly gifford, Cultural Regeneration Manager

Hastings Borough Council

Polly Gifford is a senior cultural manager with a wide range of experience across the arts and public sectors.  She was Head of Education and Learning at the De La Warr Pavilion in Bexhill, East Sussex, and Director of Bridport Arts Centre in Dorset.  She is currently Cultural Regeneration Manager at Hastings Borough Council leading on how arts and heritage can most effectively contribute to the ongoing regeneration of the town.  She is also Interim Executive Director of renowned theatre company Complicité.

Jess Steele, OBE Community Activist

Friends of Hastings Pier Jess will update us on the pier’s fundraising efforts. If you haven’t already, please support the pier here : We have 26 days left to raise 80K to keep the pier in community ownership. Every bit helps.

Amy Walker & Joanna Gretton
Media Parents

Amy Walker (left) and Joanna Gretton at Media Parents Summer Party 2017. Our 2018 Summer Party is on July 4th so save the date!ss

Media Parents Director Amy Walker is a factual series and exec producer who has most recently worked as Head of Talent for Raw TV, for Twenty Twenty at Warner Bros, and for The Garden Productions. Joanna Gretton is a Factual PD who has worked extensively for ITV, Granada and the BBC, and acts as Client Liaison Producer for Media Parents. The whole Media Parents team works as a jobshare, sharing an inbox to support experienced freelance TV talent across the industry. As well as an excellent jobsite, Media Parents runs monthly events and training, including the Media Parents Back to Work Schemes which have reintroduced many experienced freelancers to the TV talent pool.

Full Guestlist is updated on our watercooler at, here is the list as of 31st May – there are still places please join us :

Alice Trueman Writer/Director/Editor Freelance

Amy Kolb Writer/producer Freelance

Amy Walker Director Media Parents

Aristotelis Maragkos filmmaker

Beth King Communications Manager Locate East Sussex

Callum Mair Producer Natural History Museum

Cath Pick Film Tutor and Archive Producer Brighton Film School

Catherine Donaldson Teaching Fellow in Film practice University of Sussex

Christina Lowry AP/PD Ex BBC

Colette Rouhier Media Service Provider Colette Rouhier

Dan Matthews Producer Hastings Pier Events

Dave Carr Creative Director/Copywriter Nomad Creative

Dave Thomas Writer / Director / Cameraman / Editor Mrs&MrThomas

David Bryant Producer Bryant Brothers Productions Ltd

David Jackson Writer/Director Nox Films

Dirk Nel Director/cinematographer Simba films ltd

Ed Bishop Producer / Director Scissorhands

Emily Booth Script writer voice over presenter AMC networks

Emily Thomas Archive Producer Freelance

Emily Wood Genre Assistant Channel 4

Graeme White Creative Director Alfol ltd

Hannah Collisson Journalist & Communications Specialist Freelance

Helen Dey Graphic designer Ex BBC, Sky

Helen Jacey Writer Producer Shedunnit Productions

Isabella Campi Freelance graphic designer Freelance

James Chang Spokesperson Friends of Hastings Pier

James Clarke Photographer Freelance

James Sadlier Producer/Director Lorraine, ITV

Jane Bruce Art Director Jane Bruce

Jason Ellis Designer/Art Director Decode

Jason Stevens Owner Simply Garden

Jen Smyth Casting Producer Flock London

Jenny Plummer Project worker Housing

Jess Steele Community Activist Friends of Hastings Pier

Joanna Gretton Client Liaison Producer Media Parents

Joe Kaufman Director Red Kite Films

Julia Andrews Clifford Artist

Keira Freeman Film maker Self employed

Kelly Mikulla MD Sussex Film Office

Kevin Vanbergen Music Producer / Mixer / Engineer Freelance

Laura Clarke Director The Eggtooth Project

Leigh Harrison Post Production Coordinator None

Lynne Boon Production Designer

Matt Holden Executive Producer Factual TV

Matthew Wheeler Shooting Producer Director Chalkman

Melanie Anning Journalist/ researcher/producer Prize LTD

Mick Watson Graphic & Motion Designer Studio. Smart Giant

Molly Midlane Producer/Director Blind Pew Media

Nell Garfath-Cox Writer Mrs&MrThomas

Nicola Pharoah Picture Editor Freelance

Nina Somers Production Manager Olobob Tops Ltd

Oliver Smyth Creative Director Flock London

P Gammon Architect Pga

Petal Felix PD None

Polly Gifford Cultural Regeneration Manager Hastings Borough Council

rebecca child Art Director Freelance

Rebecca Marshall director Electric Palace Cinema

Richard Buxton Storyboard artist freelance

Robin Hayter Actor/Director/Producer Perfect Pitch Prods

Robin Johnson Presenter / Set Builder / Project Manager Johnson Bespoke

Rowland Jobson Director Seefood

Rukhsana Mosam Creative Director Ten66 Television

Sally Greig Director The Eggtooth Project

Sarah Wilson Brand Manager Roots and All

Sedat Aral Documentary Maker Sedat Aral

Sharon Dean Director Respect Music

Simon Booth Filmmaker & Photographer Simon Booth Photography

Sophie Goldstone Footage/Picture Researcher Freelance

Stella Wilson Broadcast Compliance freelancing at Channel 4 Television

Steve Couch TV & film editor / post production F/L ex channel 4

Steve Wynne CEO Strawberry Blond TV

Sue Dawson Director Hastings media

Suzan Aral Designer ARAL ETC

Tilly Creed Marketing Media Parents

Tom Chown Founder & Creative Director Digitom

Tony Fox Director Clockhouse Productions

Will Freeman Freelance Video Game Journalist, Event Curator Freelance

Tickets are free and open to members and non members, parents or not. Please add your name to the guestlist here :

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How to Job Share in TV by Media Parents

by Amy Walker

Huge thanks to everyone who supported our TV Job Share Event this week and made it a resounding success. We were particularly delighted to be joined by so many Production Executives who were thinking of ways to build job share into their schedules. Thanks to Hat Trick’s Joint Directors of Production Jessica Sharkey and Laura Djanogly who shared tips from their own job share, and have been supporting us since our first job share event in 2010 – read on…

"We wanted communication to be seamless" Hat Trick's Joint Directors of Production Laura Djanogly and Jessica Sharkey with Media Parents Director Amy Walker

“We wanted communication to be seamless” Hat Trick’s Joint Directors of Production Jessica Sharkey and Laura Djanogly commented at Media Parents’ TV Job Share event. “We wanted someone to be able to start a conversation with one of us on a Monday and pick it up with the other on a Thursday without having to repeat themselves”. Having a joint email inbox has helped with this, and it’s a trick that job sharing Edit Producers Emma Sayce and Nikki Ryan haven’t missed on Operation Ouch at Maverick TV.

Tamara Durnford, right, Maverick TV's Talent Manager with PD Colette Hooper

Maverick TV’s PM and Talent Manager Tamara Durnford job shares part of her role with Maverick’s Head of Production Maria French. When it came to finding a match for Edit Producer Nikki Ryan, Maverick took the process seriously and asked Media Parents to help. Media Parents PD and Back to Work Scheme 2017 winner Emma Sayce got the job. The pair had not met before they started working together but the match is going well nonetheless. Emma has even been given some work from home scripting on some of the days that she isn’t in the office at Maverick.

Cat Fox, Tiger Aspect's Head of Productions is open to job shares. Cat (left) is pictured with returning Line Producer Clair Carney from Channel 4's Bake Off

Tiger Aspect is a company which is open to job shares, although nobody is yet job sharing. Head of Production Cat Fox was in the crowd to pick up ideas. All companies at the event agreed that joint approaches are welcome, and using the Media Parents website, freelancers can find others to job share with and mark the pairings on their profiles. We also encourage freelancers to apply as job shares for our jobs – present a solution that includes the flexibility you need, rather than just asking for help. Where possible get a schedule before the interview so you can talk in practical terms about the feasibility of flexibility.

Kindle Entertainment Production Executive Keri Atkins was in the crowd to find out how to make job shares work at Kindle

There were several existing job shares in the crowd at the Media Parents TV Job Share Event, including PDs Alicky Sussman and Milla Harrison. Milla and Alicky have job shared as PDs, Development Producers and Edit Producers and have written about it here:

Alicky Sussman (right centre) and Milla Harrison have job shared as PDs, Edit Producers and Development Producers - so far!

Milla and Alicky’s job shares were supported by the BBC, and docs Senior Producer Jenny Williams also spoke from the floor about her current BBC job share.

Producer Jenny Williams speaking about her job share, next to Raw TV's Sophie Milligan

Jenny Williams was approached for her BBC role and made it clear that she could only work part time. At which point her BBC Exec suggested a job share, and this is currently in its first month and working well. The pair did not know each other before the job share was set up, but they did meet in advance. All job shares emphasise the importance of communication, and Media Parents Director Amy Walker has written about a creative job share with someone she had worked with previously, here :

All3Media's Head of Talent Anouk Berendsen (right) also welcomes approaches from job shares

All3Media’s Anouk Berendsen also welcomes approaches from job shares. Her advice was to be clear about flexibility needs from early on “If an Exec wants to work with you then we can make it work for you, we can be creative about the way we staff projects, I’ve just placed someone on a 4 day a week contract, and I work flexibly – the company is run by a woman and we are really good about providing what people need to make their lives work too.”

Exec Producer Matt Holden also spoke about the flexibility that Shine TV offer to freelancers, enabling work life balance and a happy workforce. Shine MD Tanya Shaw has been mentoring returning PD Emma Sayce as part of Media Parents Back to Work Scheme and Emma will be working at Shine once her Maverick contract finishes.

Exec Producer Matt Holden in the crowd at Media Parents TV Job Share Event

BBC Drama’s Talent Manager Noelle Bartlett and Production Executive Jacquie Glanville were at the event meeting freelancers and making it clear that flexibility is supported at the BBC. Jacquie is also mentoring Returning Drama Coordinator Paula Watkins on the Media Parents HETV Drama Return to Work Programme funded by the HETV Drama levy managed by Creative Skillset.

BBC Drama's Noelle Bartlett (left) and Jacquie Glanville were keen to meet Media Parents freelancers

Job sharing Talent Managers at Twenty Twenty TV have recently employed their first Edit Producer job share on First Dates and are looking forward to that paving the way for more. A great tip from the event is to use the Media Parents network to help you find job share partners, then to write for the blog about the qualities your job share brings, and the flexible work you want, as Post PMs Sarah Bell and Monica Rubio have here :

Jay from Jamie Oliver Productions (left) talked to freelancers including PM job share Sarah Bell and Monica Rubio

Media Parents Back to Work winner 2017 PD / Edit Producer Josie Besbrode has been working part time in edit recently, and has joined forces with job sharing Edit Producer Emma Sayce to write this informative blog packed with tips on job share, so please do read and share :

Flexible working PD Josie Besbrode (centre) has researched job sharing for Media Parents blog

Huge thanks to everyone who came and made some GREAT MATCHES in the crowd! Please keep letting us know about your job share progress and highlight companies who are supportive so we can keep the momentum going. Thank you so much for this feedback on twitter @mediaparents too, it keeps us all going!!

Senior Producer Jayne Hibbitt Smith from Kalooki Productions is looking for a PD at the moment so why not apply as a job share? See our jobs page at

Our next event is on June 4th and our Media Parents Summer Party is on July 4th this year so SAVE THE DATE!

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media parents job share event may 16 guestlist

by Amy Walker

Curious about job share in TV? Think creative jobshares can’t work? Think again. Join us on May 16th for an evening at Hat Trick, hearing from supportive companies (see guestlist below), existing job shares and meeting potential job share partners in the crowd. If you’d like to attend please send a CV to the address on this link when you sign up to the guestlist :

who’s coming?

Jacquie Glanville

Production Executive, BBC Drama

Three Girls' Production Consultant Jacquie Glanville will be joining us at Media Parents TV Job Share Event

Jacquie Glanville is mentoring returning Drama Production Coordinator Paula Watkins as part of Media Parents HETV Drama Return to Work Programme. Both will be attending our TV Job Share event, read more about Jacquie’s credits here.

Jessica Sharkey & Jessica Djanogly
Joint Directors of Production, Hat Trick

Jessica Sharkey with Hat Trick's Joint Director of Production Laura Djanogly at a 2010 Media Parents Job Share Event

Jessica Sharkey and Laura Djanogly oversee the whole range of programme output from the Hat Trick Group from initial development and budget negotiations, through production to delivery. Jessica and Laura will share job share tips at the event.

Laura joined Hat Trick as Head of Production in 2001 before joining forces with Jessica in 2004. Prior to this she was Programme Finance Manager at Channel 4 looking after Arts, Sport and Entertainment, a role which followed 14 years in the freelance production world working in Comedy, Entertainment and Documentary.

Jessica joined Hat Trick as Joint Head of Production in 2004.  Prior to this she was Production Executive at Alomo Productions, a role which followed 14 years in the freelance production world working in Drama, Comedy, Children’s and Documentary

Clare Voyce
MD, Minnow Films

Clare joined Minnow as Head of Production in 2008, looking after their output :

Prior to this Clare was at Blast! Films where she production managed various documentaries and drama docs including Accused (BBC2), Boys from the Brown Stuff (BBC2) and A Very British Sex Scandal (Channel 4). Clare also production managed Blue Suede jew, Hair Wars, Million Dollar Pigeon and Beautiful Young Minds.

Lisa Cox
Director of Production, Ricochet

Lisa Cox is Director of Production for Ricochet.  As such she has supported all kinds of flexible working including job sharing Series Producers.

Lisa joined Ricochet back in 2000 and has worked across all of Ricochet’s output, and her credits include Supernanny for C4, the long running documentary series Born To Be Different, returning formats such as Cowboy Builders (Five) and Food Unwrapped (C4) as well as popular BBC daytime series like Britain’s Empty Homes,  Family Finders and Channel Patrol.

As well as supervising all of Ricochet’s production, Lisa is a key part of the management team, responsible for the company’s financial planning and oversees all operational aspects of the business. Lisa has also been a mentor several times for Media Parents Returners.

Cat Fox

Head of Production, Comedy Entertainment, Tiger Aspect

Cat Fox, Head of Production Comedy Entertainment, Tiger Aspect

Keri Atkins
Production Executive, Kindle Entertainment

Keri has worked in the TV industry for many years. She’s been involved in a broad range of TV programming for a variety of broadcasters since she started as a Production Secretary on C5’s first ever children’s commission in the late 1990s.

Working on a variety of drama, children’s, factual entertainment, animation, live and documentaries, Keri originally arrived at Kindle Entertainment as a Production Manager on the first series of the popular BAFTA award winning series for CBBC, Dixi.

Sunshine Underhill Jackson
Senior Producer & Co-Founder, Amplify

Previously an award-winning documentary film editor (twice BAFTA nominated), coming up through the cutting rooms Sunshine worked with a great many directors, and became adept at finding their strengths and supporting their weaknesses. She has supported, amongst others, job sharing Edit Producers.

In 2013 Sunshine made the leap to editorial producing, and in 2015 was Series Editor on the first series of ‘Hunted’ for Channel 4. In March 2016, as Series Editor on ‘Eden – Paradise Lost’ for Channel 4, Sunshine took challenging rushes and created the ‘utterly extraordinary’ and ‘stand out’ second series. In 2016 she dipped briefly back in to the cutting room to cut the first episode of the multi-award winning ‘Exodus – Our Journey to Europe’, a series about the refugee crisis.

Sunshine has 2 children, and during her maternity leave authored ‘Little London’, a book about adventuring in London with kids.

Anouk Berendsen
Head of Talent, All3Media

Anouk Berendsen, centre, with Media Parents HETV Drama Returners at BAFTA

Anouk joined All3Media in June 2016.   She is the point of contact for all senior creative talent within the Group and for talent looking to join All3Media.   Anouk has a unique insight into programme-making, spanning multiple genres and multiple broadcasters. She is passionate about creating new opportunities for established creative talent.

Before moving into talent management, Anouk worked as a freelance TV producer for over 15 years across a range of genres, from popular documentaries, factual entertainment and reality TV shows to prime-time entertainment. She started her career at ITV launching the hit daytime show Loose Women. She has subsequently produced large-scale ambitious projects such as The Match (SKY1) and Only Fools On Horses (Sport Relief, BBC One) and also helped launch BBC One’s new Saturday night format Last Choir Standing.

Tamara Durnford
Talent Manager & Production Manager, Development, Maverick TV

Maverick's Tamara Durnford (right) at Media Parents CV Event in April

One half of a job share herself, Maverick’s Talent Manager Tamara is responsible for helping find off-screen talent. She oversees Maverick’s talent database and network, building and developing relationships with all levels of production and development staff from runners to series producers. She work closely with executive producers and production management to staff projects and help develop the skills of our talented staff. Alongside, Talent Managing Tamara is also the Production Manager for Maverick’s Development team; supporting them in the day to day running of the department.

Sophie Milligan
Talent Coordinator, Raw TV

Sophie Milligan (left) at Media Parents Christmas Drinks

Emma Sayce
Job sharing Edit Producer

Job Sharing Returner Emma Sayce (left) at Edinburgh TV Festival with her Media Parents Sponsor Endemol Shine Global HR Director Bella Lambourne

Emma Sayce won one of the Media Parents Back to Work Scheme places at Edinburgh last year. She is being mentored by Shine MD Tania Shaw, and is sponsored by Endemol Shine. Emma is currently job sharing as an Edit Producer at Maverick TV – a role she won through Media Parents – ask her about it at the event.

Milla Harrison
Job Sharing PD / Edit Producer

PD Milla Harrison (left) with job share partner Alicky Sussman

Ask Milla how it’s done at the event – read more HERE.

Amy Walker
Director, Media Parents

Media Parents' Amy Walker and Joanna Gretton (right) who job share!

Amy Walker has job shared as a Producer Director and as a Series Producer. Find out more about it at the Media Parents TV Job Share Event and here.

If you’d like to attend please send a CV to the address on this link when you sign up to the guestlist :

To see job types attending please scroll down this blog or click here :

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Media Parents Job Share Event May 16th

by Amy Walker

Join us at Hat Trick on Wednesday 16th May for Media Parents TV Jobshare Event. The event is being supported by companies including Hat Trick, Ricochet, Minnow Films, Tiger Aspect, Raw and Maverick TV. Hear from TV partnerships making it work, discover which companies are amenable, and find your jobshare match in the crowd. Get a FREE ticket here :

Media Parents' Director Amy Walker with creative jobshare partner PD Laura Leigh. Amy has also jobshared as a Series Producer.

So far we have unmatched freelancers looking for jobshare partners with these job titles :


Edit Producer

DV Director

Series Producer

Executive Producer

Production Executive

Production Manager

Post Production Manager





We still need jobshare matches so help us by using social media to publicise the event, so we increase chances of finding suitable jobshares on the evening.

Please share this link

and tag us @mediaparents #tvjobshare on twitter. Thank you!

Please send us a CV to marked with your job title and #tvjobshare to secure your place.

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media parents CV event gallery

by Amy Walker

Thank you so much to everyone who joined us for our recent CV event, it was great to see so many connections being made – and even job shares being discussed ahead of our May jobsharing event. Special thanks to companies who joined us including jobsharing talent managers from Twenty Twenty TV, Maverick TV’s Tamara Durnford, Brinkworth Films, Outline Productions and Haresh Patel, who is looking for a flexible producer / business getter for his new VR / AR venture. A good time was had by all. If you’d like CV tips please scroll down, and in the meantime here are some photos of the event, also see our twitterfeed @mediaparents.

Many thanks to everyone who joined us for another great Media Parents evening

Twenty Twenty's job sharing Talent Managers Kate Farnaby and Sophie French have also job shared as Series Producers

Zoe Russell-Stretten from Brinkworth Films (left)

Well done to all those who attended their first Media Parents event, we know you'll be back!

PM jobshare Monica Rubio and Sarah Bell were networking as a pair

Thanks to Maverick's Tamara Durnford for meeting so many freelancers

Outline Productions' part time Production Exec Emily Freshwater came into town on her day off for the event - thank you Emily!

RDF West's Emily Knight took the late train back to Bristol after meeting freelancers who will work out of Bristol and Cardiff.

If you'd like to know more about Media Parents events drop us a line and scroll down the blog.

Media Parents' Amy Walker offers free CV advice at any time to Media Parents members.

"I've never seen so many cocktail sausages in my life". Let's leave it there.


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Media Parents CV Event April

by Amy Walker

Join us on Wednesday 25th May for a Media Parents networking event – CVs at the ready! Meet companies including Warner Bros, All3Media, RDF Media, Outline Productions and Brinkworth Films over a glass of wine to discuss vacancies or bring a CV and gain valuable CV insight from industry experts.

Companies attending are looking to meet Series Producers, Shooting PDs, DOPs, PMs, PCs, strongly editorial Producers and APs, people for development roles coming up, Line Producers, Event Producers, part time researchers, part time project manager / business development person for a start up company. Anyone (variety of roles) with Fact Ent experience especially experience in any of the following: food with big talent, art based shows, rig shows, big event style fact ent ie. formats which are big set-ups. People who will work out of Bristol / Cardiff / West Country. Details of the event and the guestlist are on the watercooler at

Join us on Wednesday for another great Media Parents event in Central London

Details of the event and the guestlist are on the watercooler at

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Media Parents Social: Screening with Sir Ian McKellen

by Amy Walker

Huge thanks to DLT Entertainment and 2Act Films for inviting Media Parents members to attend Friday night’s Leicester Square screening of The Academy, starring Sir Ian McKellen and Frances Barber.

DLT Exec Michaela Hennessy-Vass talks to Media Parents Development Producer and Voiceover Artist Emma Hyman whilst Sir Ian McKellen talks to a fellow cast member.

We were delighted to spend the evening in the presence of Sir Ian and many of the cast and crew, including the film’s writer, producer and editor Peter Hinton, a Media Parents Networker.  The film was transmitted in four parts with live entertainment from Sir Ian and other cast members in the intervals – a wonderful surprise that complemented the film brilliantly.  The film has been piloted but is yet to find a broadcaster.

Click on the following link to hear Sir Ian McKellen on Frances Barber.

The Academy's Writer, Producer and Editor Peter Hinton takes a bow. Peter is in the NETWORK section of

If you missed the screening, you can see the promo by clicking on the image below. for great TV jobs, networking and information.

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BBC Fast Train Event in Manchester

by Amy Walker
Fast Train North is produced by the BBC Academy and Creative Skillset and is designed to support the development of the North’s world-class talent pool. The event is held in the BBC and the University of Salford buildings at MediaCityUK. Fast Train features more than 200 individual sessions and they are all free of charge. For example there are training sessions involving scripts, studio camera, the BBC Sports post-production system; sessions in Adobe and others in FCP as well as self-op camera, video journalism, tapeless workflow and Intellectual Property.   You can also book a 1-to-1s session with a talent exec, commissioner or production exec of your choice. There are key execs attending from the BBC, ITV, C4, Blakeway and Nine Lives Media (or of course the Crewing Company…) among others. Book your place via the Eventbrite link above. There are also masterclasses running through out the day where panels of specialists debate key issues in content making and answer challenging questions from the chair, and also from you in the audience. There are about 14 masterclasses, including one where you can pitch to win £5k; as well as sessions about current affairs, live soaps; drama, comedy and Children’s content.     Masterclass contributors booked so far include: Tom Edwards, Tony Prescott, Kate Oats, Robbie Sanderson, Matt Cleary, Alex Gardiner, Steve Boulton, Mike Lewis, Andrew Sheldon, Brian Hardman, Danny Brocklehurst, Steven Marchant, Jem Stone, Holly Goodyear, Sam Lewens and Rebecca Papworth as well as many others. Follow the link to book and DON’T worry if sessions are ‘sold out’ – there are TWO more ticket releases.  You can attend for a morning or an afternoon or both, and you are also invited to the 6pm networking drinks, sponsored by ITV.
If you have more than 3 years’ media experience see for great networking, talent, jobs and information.

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Media Parents : how to network

by Amy Walker

I recently took part in a networking workshop at the BBC run by Simon Smith from the BBC College of Production.  I was on a panel with Michelle Matherson, BBC Factual Talent Exec, and Caroline Meaby who runs the MGEITF Ones to Watch scheme.   

Networking: Simon Smith, BBC College of Production; Newsnight Producer Brendan Miller & Caroline Meaby from MGEITF, Media Parents Director Amy Walker and BCC Factual Talent Exec Michelle Matherson.

 Michelle talked about how to move on up in your TV career and how to get your CV noticed (liberally sprinkle your covering letter with programme ideas), and Caroline talked about the great networking opportunities at MGEITF.  There are places left on the Edinburgh TV Festival Ones to Watch scheme, so if you have between 3 and 5 years’ TV experience you can apply – this also includes people who have had time out to raise children, so give it a go via the link below.  Here come some tips for networking when you get to Edinburgh or when you join us at one of the brilliant Media Parents networking events. Whenever I talk about networking people generally roll their eyes and tell me they are rubbish at it, but I think anyone who likes talking to, and finding out about people can be a successful networker – and enjoy it - so please read on.

An arty shot of the latest Media Parents networking event. Please see for more details of our events, and jobs.

Nervous? Prepare in advance. Find out who’s going to the meeting, what they do or what programmes they’re making, and when you get ther try to connect with people who are in your field. Guest lists from Media Parents events are usually published on the watercooler at in advance of the meeting, so you can work out who you’d like to talk to.  At bigger meetings where you don’t know people use Google images to work out who to make a beeline for – yes, it’s professional stalking but it works. If you know the delegate list or guestlist you can probably earmark someone to talk to.  Most people are delighted to be approached. 

Why am I doing this? Think about your reasons for networking, it will help you focus and stick to your guns. Don’t expect to get a job immediately – you’re primarily making contacts at this stage. People network for different reasons - to gather and exchange information, and to make friends as well as get jobs. It’s unlikely that you will hear about work straightaway, but you might make a contact that eventually leads to work – so play the long game.   


Media Parents drama TALENT Kathy Hughes talks to Angela Effanga at the Media Parents networking event in May.

Be yourself and put your best self forward. Think about how you’re presenting yourself – do you look like someone who can efficiently deliver a TV programme that looks good? Create the same impression of yourself that you’d want to put across at a relaxed job interview, so wearing similar clothing can help. Use social media, like the Media Parents website, to connect after the networking event.  

Enjoy yourself. Don’t go overboard and get plastered, but do remember, networking is really just professional gossiping – it’s fun.  

It’s a two-way conversation – LISTEN too. There is nothing worse than being talked at. And share what you know – about who’s hiring, or about where’s good to work – what goes around comes around.   

Stage fright? Lyn Burgess from the Magic Key Partnership taught me this acronym to prompt conversation if you dry up:  





There’s a link to Lyn’s networking session for Media Parents at the end of this blog.   



Media Parents Talent, Editor Leo Carlyon whips out a business card complete with QR code to give to Phil Stein at Media Parents drinks.

Follow up. Take business cards with you. I recently saw an Editor hand over a business card with a QR code on the back. It was a stroke of genius showing that he was technologically with it and also made it very easy to reconnect. And use social networking to follow up afterwards -you can use the Media Parents network to reconnect too and as most people’s profiles have photos on them it’s easy to track people down if you’ve forgotten names. 

 Be more visible online.  Think of social media as your professional megaphone – make sure your profiles are up to date, or direct people to one up-to-date source like your page on Make sure you represent your professional self well - keep photos and public facing information on message! More about social media networking coming to this blog soon…  

Take your leave politely. If you’re stuck with someone, or get the feeling they’re stuck with you do say “It’s been lovely to talk to you. I think we should meet some other people too.” Everybody understands that.  

And do thank the organisers of the event afterwards, it’s nice to be remembered for good manners.  

Click the image below for more info on MGEITF: 



Thanks to all of those who came along to the Media Parents networking event in May, book the babysitter for June 12th! More info soon at


More on the BBC College of Production here: 

Useful links on networking:  

The next Media Parents event is on June 12th. See for great networking, talent, jobs and information.



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Encounters : Calling All Filmmakers and Animators

by Amy Walker

Calling filmmakers and animators
Submit your shorts to Encounters by 6 June for a chance to showcase your work at the UK’s leading short film and animation festival! 

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Call for Entries 2012 – Deadline 6 June

As a dedicated short film festival, Encounters is one of the best-known showcases and networking events for emerging film talent, providing filmmakers and animators with an amazing platform for their work as well as the chance to rub shoulders with industry professionals in a dynamic, fun and informal setting. The festival’s international juries will discern a whole host of awards this year, including the UWE European New Talent Awards (animation and live action) only for graduating students or first time directors, with €1,000 prizes up for grabs. Not forgetting that we are also the leading UK gateway to the world’s most prestigious short film and animation awards, including the BAFTAs, Cartoon D’Or, European Film Awards, and Oscars®!

Short films completed from 1 Jan 2011 and under 30 mins in length from every genre are eligible for submission. The deadline for entries is 6 June, with an early cut-off this week for our Children’s Jury Award programme (25 May).

All submissions, whether or not they are selected for the Encounters programme, will be made available for festival delegates at the festival and online via our Digital Viewing Library.

Visit to submit.

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