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In celebration of International Women’s Day 2018, we are also showcasing the film-inspired work of photomontage artist Julia Andrews-Clifford. Using fragments, cuts, splices, paint and glue, she creates surrealist portraits and landscapes of real and imagined people’s lives. If you would like to nominate your own “everyday icon” for Julia’s new work please email Julia a good quality photo and some information about the work your icon does or has done. See below for contact details.

The Female Gaze, Julia Andrews-Clifford

Inspired by film and feminism, her work explores the tensions between public/private life and the personal/political, and sometimes re-presents hidden herstories from the film industry. She exhibits through art galleries, pop-up shows, public installations, and site specific works on advertising columns, billboards and bus shelters. You can buy Julia’s work as originals or limited edition prints through her website shop.

Cut, Julia Andrews-Clifford

Julia is currently working on a project for International Women’s Day 2018 with a series of large-scale works or ‘Everyday Icons’ that will appear on billboards and bus shelters across Hastings, East Sussex and explore the disconnect between domestic work and public recognition.  Her ‘Feminist Artwork of the Week’ challenge will also run until December 2018 in celebration of Suffrage100, the centenary of the first UK women getting the vote. It’s going to be a busy year!


Portrait of the Unknown Editor, Julia Andrews-Clifford

Short Biog

Julia started off as an English teacher in inner London secondary schools, then moved to New York to study film and photography before returning to London to become an education officer at the British Film Institute.

A Step Up, Julia Andrews-Clifford

While at the BFI, creating cinema events and film education resources for kids and teachers at BFI Southbank, she developed an innovative network of after-school film-making clubs which led to her starting her own business, Cineclub – The Young Filmmakers’ Network. With this company she worked with professional filmmakers and actors training them to adapt their expertise to teach kids in primary and secondary schools – to help them script, shoot and edit their own films for exhibition at local and national cinemas. The company ran very successfully for 10 years and worked with over 5,000 young people with Lars Von Trier as patron and the BFI, EMPIRE Magazine, City Screen Cinemas and Film Council support.

In 2009, Julia devolved her managerial responsibilities to return to her own creativity, studying Fine Art at Chelsea College of Art and Design as a part-time mature student, and then taking a career break in 2011 to have a baby. She now works as a practising artist with a studio in Hastings, part-time as an art and film teacher and full-time as a parent.


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