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february 13th event: The HoP’s Dream Shoot Guide

January 24, 2014 @ 8:55 am Posted in News Comments

Shift 4 are running Media Parent’s HOP’s Dream Shoot Guide on Thursday 13th February. It’s free to members and open to all, so join us for a spot of networking with Raw TV, October Films, Mentorn, Crackit, Pioneer, Alaska, Flame and Dragonfly to name but a few, and to pick up great tips for shoots - see below to get a ticket. Here Shift 4’s Amy Swan explains why the facilities hire company is keen to hear the experiences of HOPs, PMs and Self-Shooters and share its advice on how the production process could be made smoother and more cost effective.

Amy Swan moved from Series Producing to Marketing & Business Development for Shift 4 after she had her two children. Pictured here at the Media Parents CV surgery in November.

Perfect planning, ideal weather, faultless crew, exemplary kit, great lunch, well-timed schedule, nothing missed and all on budget. Does this sound like a shoot of yours?!

As well as sharing our tips and suggestions, we’ll open the floor for discussion with the Heads of Production, Production Managers and Self-Shooters attending, plus we’ll have a range of our cameras available for you to see and try.

Pulling everything together to make the dream shoot a reality isn’t an easy job. With so much to consider and a myriad of unpredictable factors, the most crucial stage of the production process can often turn into a nightmare, especially when it comes to the finances.

The Shift 4 team who are sponsoring the event : From L to R, Alex Trezies (MD), Amy Swan (Marketing and Business Development), Alex Thompson (MD)

Shift 4 have over 20 years of experience supporting clients’ creative aspirations, sharing technical knowledge and helping shoot plans come to fruition. Known as the ‘boutique’ kit hire company, our demos, training, crews and equipment have resulted in a solid reputation built on recommendation and long-lasting relationships. We can’t control the weather and we’re not great at catering but we do have masses of suggestions of ways shoots could work better and money could be saved. And for me, 10 years working in production prior to joining Shift 4 has shown me both sides of the fence, with a unique take on how efficiency and spending can be improved.

So if you want to know the benefits of involving a facilities company early in your production process, or strategies to get the best out of self-shooters and avoid bills for missing kit, or insider knowledge on cost-saving kit items then reserve your place at the event here :

The next Media Parents events will take place on Feb 13th in Central London. For networking, jobs and great events please join Happy New Year!

by Amy Walker

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