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5 minutes with… Maggie Walsh, production co-ordinator, drama and factual

July 25, 2012 @ 4:20 pm Posted in News Comments

Maggie can be found in the Media Parents talent section here :

I have worked as a Coordinator in many areas of Film and Television, which has given me a wide breadth of experience across many aspects.  I feel this gives me plenty of ‘real life’ expertise, as well as an understanding of the wider picture.  I have plenty of experience with things going wrong, so I have learned to think on my feet – and that is more valuable than knowing how to film in a form.  So many of the details of any job can be learned by asking the right question:  I know what I know, and I know when to ask questions!


I am looking to find a Drama Production Company to join and grow with.  I am flexible with the roles I can fulfil.  Eventually I would like to produce, and I feel I am gaining a good base of experience from which to do this, but I realise I still have a lot to learn.  My dream job would be assisting a Producer to learn on the job.

 I spent several years as a project manager and facility administrator at De Lane Lea, the post-production Sound facility, so I learned a great deal about the importance of this often un-recognised medium, as well as a fair bit about deliveries and formats.

Then I moved on to coordinating the costumes for 3 Harry Potter Films, ‘Children of Men’, and ‘Charlie Wilson’s War’.  Charlie involved managing a crew in Morocco, and surviving a blizzard in the Atlas Mountains, so I have some experience of foreign locations, and carrying on under difficult conditions.

Next I moved on to work as the  in-house Drama Coordinator at Shine, which involved supporting Production Offices for anything filming on location, as well as coordinating Castings, Contracts, PR, Marketing, Distribution, Legal, archiving, and any other odds & sods that cropped up.

Then I went back to ‘Potter’ and coordinated 8 documentaries commissioned by Warner Bros for the DVD releases.  It was the last opportunity to gather as much material as possible to keep Harry Potter fans satisfied for years to come, so we had to keep our eyes open and react quickly, all several time zones away from the Producers in Burbank.

In between all of the above, I worked at the BBC, supporting the team in Factual and Entertainment Commissioning.  Those formats turn over quickly, so it was a great opportunity to see things through:  from pitch to commission to recording/ filming and transmission.  I’ve also Coordinated a few Cooking Programmes – which was also good experience in fast paced-quick turn around programming.

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by Amy Walker

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